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How to Enable/Disable Snap Windows to Maximize Feature in Windows 10



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Maximizing your computer screen is helpful if you are multitasking and you need to open several applications at one time. For instance, you have to work on a document file while opening a tab on your browser. It helps to maximize both applications on your screen for a better view. 

Windows makes it easier for you thanks to snap assist. Instead of taking the time and effort to adjust your selected windows to fit your screen, it will snap automatically to the size your want. You can instantly fill the available space on your screen real estate without wasting time on adjusting it.

What is Snap Assist Feature and How to Use It on PC


For Windows 10 users, the snap assist has added features. PC users can choose the size of their snap windows, such as a quarter of the screen or half the screen. You can also select which side or direction of the screen you are snapping your apps. You can even put and arrange 3 app windows side-by-side and do the same on multiple monitors.

All you have to do is click the title bar of the window that you want to snap so you can arrange and expand them as you like. Drag it to the left or right, depending on where you want it to position on your custom grid. To get a full size, drag it to the top of the screen. To set the window on the upper right corner, drag it in that direction. Make sure that you drag to the edge of the screen.

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However, not everyone is happy with the snap windows feature on PC. If you don’t want the tool to help you maximize your screen real estate or the Snap Assist is simply not working on Windows 10 computer, you have the option to disable it.

How to Turn On and Off Snap Assist to Maximize Windows on PC


To turn off or disable Snap Windows on your computer, follow the steps below. You can also do the same process to turn on or enable the tool from the same settings.

  • Open the Settings menu of your Windows 10 computer.
  • Navigate to System.
  • On the sidebar, look for Multitasking. Click it to open.
  • Now, look for the Snap Windows option.
  • Toggle it to Disable. If you want to Enable it back, toggle it again. 

Now, you have the option to use the Snap Windows or set it to disable always. Which do you prefer? Enabling or Disabling the Snap Windows? We value your opinion, and we love to hear from you! Kindly write down your comment below.

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