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How to Remove Microsoft Edge’s Annoying Bing Recommendation Pop-ups



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If you are using Microsoft Edge chromium-based browser, you would be happy to know that a new update will bring improvements and better performance on privacy and user experience. Microsoft is launching the Microsoft Edge version 91 on Windows 10 PC, Linux, and Mac computers.

Features of Microsoft Edge Version 91

Once you update your Microsoft Edge browser to the latest version 91, you will enjoy the following features:

  • Additional New Themes – You now have more options for your Microsoft Edge theme. Check them out in Settings under the Appearance page. You can use them on your browser or the new tab.
  • Shopping tools – Microsoft Edge will make shopping easier and faster for you. You can receive cashback as your shop from supported retailers using Microsoft Edge Browser. All you have to do is use your Microsoft accounts on the Edge Browser to use available rebates. You can also track the prices of selected products using the Price History feature. That way, you can enjoy the lowest price on your shopping.
  • Personalize Option on New Tab – With the personalized feature, you can customize your searches and information available on a new tab. You have the option to turn on or off any topic that you like.
  • Better Sleeping Tabs Performance – While Microsoft Edge features the sleeping tabs, it will be improving the tool to help users save on memory and system resources.

However, there is one complaint that users find on the new Microsoft Edge version 91. The browser constantly prompts a pop-up alert message asking, pushing and recommending Bing as the default search engine and Microsoft Edge as the default browser on your computer.


How to Block & Stop Microsoft Edge from Recommending Bing Search Engine with Constant Pop-up Alerts

Microsoft enables the prompt message to appear once in a while as a reminder to users. However, there are times when it shows up more often than you want which can be very annoying. Some users find the message every time they open the Microsoft Edge browser. If you are annoyed by it and want to remove or turn off and get rid of the pop-up alert on the Edge browser permanently, follow the steps below.

  • Launch Microsoft Edge browser.
  • On the address bar, enter the following: edge://flags.
  • Go to the Search bar and type “Show feature and workflow recommendations”.
  • On the Show feature and workflow recommendations option, go to the drop-down menu on the right side.
  • Click the drop-down arrow.
  • Select Disable.
  • Exit Microsoft Edge and relaunch it.

Did the solution above work for you? If not, what other solutions did you do? We would love to know more! Please write to us in the comment section below.

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