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How to Fix Failed to Upload Image Error on Imgur (Imgur.com)



Imgur is an online image hosting and sharing platform that allows users to upload, share, and comment on images and GIFs. Created in 2009 as a simple image hosting service, it’s grown into one of the most popular social image sharing communities on the web.

Imgur’s popularity is due in part to its user-friendly interface, free-to-use usage model, fast upload and loading times, and easy sharing features on Android or iOS devices as well as on desktop and laptop computers. You can use the photos you have uploaded on Imgur on other social media websites such as Reddit.

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Surprisingly, Imgur is also pretty solid when it comes to staying away from bugs, with one big exception. If you’ve used the image sharing site for an extended period of time, then you’ve definitely seen the “Failed to upload image; an error occurred on the server” issue. If you can’t upload your image the error message should look like this:

{"Success":false,"Error":5,"ErrorMessage":"Failed to upload image; an error occurred on the server"}
Image credit: Glorfindel/stackexchange

It’s one of the most prevalent and well known on the site that won’t allow users to upload pictures or images, and it’s quite irritating to deal with. So, if you’re using Imgur and you encounter it, what can you do to get around it?

How to Troubleshoot Uploading Issues & Fix Failed to Upload Image Error on Imgur Website or App

If you’ve ever faced this issue and the service fails when uploading images or photos on Imgur.com, there’s a pretty high chance that you don’t know why it happened at all. There are a plethora of reasons that it can happen on your Imgur account, and fixing it is difficult to really figure out.

That’s what we’re here to help out with, we’ve compiled several fixes that will help you to fix the problem, all in the form of simple guides. So, if you’re ready to begin troubleshooting the Imgur failed image uploading problem, let’s get into it.

Check the Photo or Image File Size

  • The maximum file size for files on Imgur is 20MB for JPEGs and PNGs. 
  • For GIFs, the maximum file size is 200MB.
  • Check if your files fit within the file size limits.
  • If it doesn’t, you’ll need to compress it down further.
  • Compress it down enough and you should be able to upload your file.
  • Attempt to upload your file on Imgur to see if it works.

Check if your Image File Type is Supported on Imgur

  • Only certain file types are supported by Imgur.
  • The file types allowed to be uploaded on Imgur are JPEGs, PNGs and GIFs.
  • If your file isn’t one of these three, then you will need to convert it.
  • You can use any simple file converter to change the file.
  • Attempt to upload your file on Imgur to see if it works.

Clean Your Browser’s Cache and Cookies Data

  • Your browser can sometimes be the reason for Imgur failing to upload images.
  • Go to your browser’s settings menu.
  • Go to the Security section of the settings.
  • Click on Clear browsing data.
  • When prompted, choose to delete cookies and cached information.
  • Wait for your browser to finish deleting.
  • Restart your browser.
  • Attempt to upload your file on Imgur to see if it works.

Now, if you’ve followed our guides properly, then you should be able to upload your files on Imgur once more. The error can be irritating to deal with, but with some effort, you should be able to bypass it without too much trouble.

We hope we managed to help you with your problem, and for more fixes and guides like this, stay tuned.



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