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Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83



With hundreds of movies thousands of TV episodes Disney Plus is certainly a hit among millions of users. Like any other service, it does not go without a hitch, even experiencing a massive down time on its launch day. One of these annoying Disney Plus errors is simply called Error 83 and it is by far the most prevalent error that would come along your way.


This error is mainly due to incompatibility issues among the devices that Disney Plus supports. And Linux users experience Error Code 83 more than any user. They are greeted with this error when trying to play a TV show or a film on Disney+ using a Linux device.

This is certainly a frustrating error as you may ask how on earth did you manage to download the app if your device is incompatible with Disney Plus? As it turns out, there are some other factors that could contribute in having device compatibility error.

What Causes Disney Plus Error 83?

Here are a few of the reasons why you may be seeing Error 83 on Disney+.

  • Server timeout
  • Incompatible platform
  • Account-related issue

How to Fix Disney Plus Error 83

Here are some troubleshooting steps on what you can do to fix this issue.

Method 1 – Power Cycle Your Device


First things first, I know you might be tired of hearing this but you do need to perform a power cycle on your device. It means that you need to turn your device off and on again. You might be surprised how a simple power cycle can fix Disney Plus Error 83.

Method 2 – Try Different Browser

brave browser

A lot of users say that changing the browser they’re using fixed the issue in an instant. So if you are getting error code 83 on your Disney+ you may need to hop from Chrome to Firefox or Brave, Opera, Safari and Edge in order to continue enjoying Disney Plus.

This might seem a simple solution but one that certainly delivers.

Method 3 – Check for Device Firmware Update

You need to check if your firmware on your device is updated to the latest version. Since this error spews compatibility issue, you might need to do a firmware update, especially if you are using a previous version of iOS or Android.

Updating your firmware for Smart TV, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One can be easily done using the guides on the manufacturer’s websites.

Method 4 – Check for Incompatibility Issue

If you deduced that this error is caused by a device incompatibility issue, then there’s nothing left to do but to switch devices. If you are lucky to have another compatible gadget just lying around then use it to access Disney Plus.

Here’s a list of Disney Plus incompatible software and devices.

  • Linux is not supported yet.
  • Major desktop browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari are supported. But if you’re not using one of these, then that might be an issue.
  • Browsers on consoles and Smart TVs aren’t supported yet.

Method 5 – Use a VPN


Disney Plus users on Reddit reported that using a VPN fixed the issue. So getting a VPN to fix error code 83 is one option you can try. It would be a perfect time to get a VPN service with Black Friday deals all over the place this week. VPN providers like ExpressVPN or PureVPN, both of them work with Disney Plus offer big discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Wrapping It Up

The gap on compatible devices for Disney Plus will certainly be addressed soon. Disney+ is lined up to support more operating systems like Linux, more browsers, consoles and Smart TVs. Watch out for more updates on WindowsDisptch as we vow to cover every bit of Disney Plus news for your convenience.



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