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How to Remove Someone from a Snapchat Group Chat



Snapchat is a fun and interactive way to express yourself on social media. For only a short while, you can show your moods, interests, current lifestyle, or anything on the social media platform. Your friends will see it and soon, it is gone for you to move on to the next.

Another cool feature is the Snapchat group chat. You can create a Snapchat group with your friends where you can post images, texts, or short clips. Each Snapchat group can accommodate up to 32 people.

When you create a Snapchat group chat, it is available only within 24 hours. After that, the group chat will disappear along with the messages and video clips even if other members have not seen it yet.

It happens that there are Snapchat groups created where you find someone unwelcome. In some cases, a user may be causing disruptions. You do not want these people to join your group, so you want them out. If you want to remove someone from a Snapchat Group, follow the methods below.

Removing Someone from a Snapchat Group Chat

Method #1 – Ghost Them

Removing someone from Snapchat group chat is not as easy as clicking the trash icon. Unfortunately, Snapchat does not allow any removal from the Snapchat group. So, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of a more complicated process, you can ghost the user you want to remove. Ghosting means that you do not acknowledge the user’s presence in your group or respond to any of the user’s actions.

Method #2 – Ask Them to Leave the Group

Another way is to politely ask the unwanted users to leave the group. It may take a lot of courage to do so, but if other users are in consensus, then it is a good idea. Make sure that you also cite the reason for your request so as not to cause further misunderstanding and disrespect.

Method # 3 – Wait for 24 Hours

As indicated above, each Snapchat group is available only for 24 hours. You can wait for it to dissolve.

Method #4 – Create a New Snapchat Group

Lastly, you can create a new group chat where you invite only the users that you want in the group. Starting fresh is a good way to move on.

Which of the methods above work for you? Let us know in the comments below.




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