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How to Claim Ownership of Images on Facebook for Creators



Are you worried that someone will copy your work? Do you want to share your artistic outputs on Facebook but concerned that someone will copy it and take it as his or her own? If you do, don’t worry! Facebook has a solution for you.

Now, Facebook allows people to have control over their images including where they are posted. Creators will have the power to claim ownership over their images through the Rights Manager platform. It has started with video and music rights and Facebook wants to expand it to images posted on the social media network. If you are a creator, photographer or a publisher, you can protect your copyright over your images.

How Does the Facebook Rights Manager Tool Work

Credit: Facebook

Publishers, influencers, photographers and other content creators can take control of where their images appear across Facebook and Instagram. Once they use the Rights Manager tool, they can monitor where their images show up.

It is important especially to a lot of organizations to avoid copyright infringement. Facebook’s Rights Manager will search on Facebook and Instagram posts and contents that matches the owner’s content. When there are matches found, owners have the right to submit a takedown of the post or allow it to stay up. They can also request an attributing credit to the post if the post will not be taken down.

Owners can also use a territorial block, so their images do not appear in territories they choose. They can choose the specific territories where to show their images.

How to Claim Ownership of Images on Facebook and Instagram

Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

You can have access to the Rights Manager tool by submitting an application (click here) for the image or content that you want to monitor. It must contain all the metadata of the image, as well as the regions it will be shown and other copyright descriptions for the image.

The tool manager will verify the application and when it is approved and processed, it will start to monitor the content. In the event that another party uses the image, both the owner and the other party can resolve the issue. To appeal over the decision, users can use the IP reporting forms. Facebook has an IP reporting system to help protect intellectual property.



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