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How to Use Snap Minis Apps Inside Snapchat



Snapping and sharing made Snapchat a hit to a lot of young people. Users can take a snap of what they are doing and share it with their friends. The message instantly disappears after they are viewed, which for many users, makes Snapchat more exciting.

Now, the social media company is launching a new feature that will take snapping to a higher level. The Snap Minis are miniature or bite-sized apps that are integrated into the Snapchat platform.

As Snapchat is for teenagers, the Snap Minis can be a better choice for the adults.

What Are Snapchat’s Snap Minis?

Snap Minis are created by third-party developers. These apps will offer more experiences to the users aside from the usual activities in Snapchat. They are bite-size utilities built with HTML5, so they work on any kind of device, with no further installation required.

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Initially, Snap Minis will include the Headspace Mini, Let’s Do It, Prediction Master from Mammoth Media, and Flashcards by Tembo.

The Headspace Mini is a meditation app that aims to support mental health challenges. It is three to four minutes long and will be done in six meditation sessions. The Let’s Do It app is a group app, which helps users come up with decisions as a group.

If you like to know prediction insights from anything under the sun, you can use the Prediction Master from Mammoth Media. It allows users to answer timely questions about anything relevant. The Flashcards by Tembo is a good tool for creating study aids.

How do you Use the Snap Minis Third-party Apps Inside Snapchat

  • Launch your Snapchat app.
  • On the search bar, type the Snap Mini that you want to open. Or, you can tap on the search bar to see the list of Snap Minis and Games.
  • Click the Snap Mini app to open.
  • Now, follow the instructions for each Snap Mini app to know how it works.

What are your thoughts on the new Snap Minis feature from Snapchat? We would love to know what you think so drop us a comment below.


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