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How to Easily Remove Audio from Videos on Google Photos



Google is rolling out a new feature for Google Photos that will soon give its users the ability to remove audio from their videos. If you always wanted to mute the audio to some of the videos you have recorded, this is a feature you do not want to miss.

There are several reasons why you will want this functionality from Google Photos. Oftentimes, we want to make a video to capture the reality of places we have been through but the audio is unnecessary. There are also videos where there are irrelevant noises such as a passing vehicle, TV in the background, or dogs barking.

For users who love to post their videos on social media, you can easily share your videos on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with muted audio. You do not need to worry about noises in the background. You don’t even have to use a separate app.


Removing audio from videos will be an addition to some of the editing features of Google Photos. Currently, users can do basic video editing such as adjusting colors or applying filters. These features are available to both iOS and Android devices.

How to Remove the Audio from Videos on Google Photos

You can find the feature in the edit screen of Google Photos. Open your video and proceed to the video editing tools. On the left, you will see the audio icon. Just tap it to mute and save it. It will remove the audio.

But, Google has not yet announced when it will roll out the new feature. Google is still working on the feature and there is no definite date as to when it will be available.

What do you think of Google Photo‘s new feature? Are you excited to try it on your videos? We would love to know your thoughts so drop us a comment below.


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