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Security Risks & Disadvantages of Using a Free VPN Service



Looking at many suggested solutions to let you browse content and stream effectively online will let you stumble on using VPN servers. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is indeed reliable when it comes to making your privacy and security at the forefront when online. Using a different server will prevent hackers and even websites from knowing and tracking your current address or location. VPN uses a level of encryption to make your online activities more private, safe, and secure whether you are using a desktop computer or a mobile phone device.

But, as you browse through different VPN options, you may see what a huge investment it is to use a safe premium VPN service. Then, you come across a free VPN service provider, and you feel that everything is coming in the right places for you.

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Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Most of the time, free services still have a price to pay but not in a form of monetary investment or payment. There are certain compromises and risks that you have to face when you use a free VPN service. Hidden dangers and safety concerns may always come along the way and they are good reasons enough that you don’t want them. Let’s tackle the list of disadvantages and downsides of using one below.

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List of Security Risks and Hidden Dangers of Using a Free VPN Service Provider

Are free VPNs safe to use? Not paying anything for a service that promises safety, security, privacy, and access to geo-restricted websites is indeed a sweet deal to overlook. But, not everything wrapped has the perfect gift inside. Take a look at these risks and compromises that you might not know from the beginning before committing to a free VPN service.

Limited Data and Speed Caps

With all the rerouting and encrypting processes, it takes a lot of processes for VPN servers, which may compromise your data speed. Free VPNs will only give you a limited amount of data and set a cap on your connection speed. You will end up with a sluggish network connection that will test your patience.

A Compromising Catch Why It is Free

There is always a price to pay when you avail of free services online. It may be a worthy thing to try without you finding out what’s behind their intent. But, most of the time, free VPN services have something lurking on the sides.

While it guarantees privacy on your online access, there may be other processes working to gather data from you or check your activities. It is also possible that there is a way to redirect you to websites that you do not want to visit. What about potential hacking and phishing attacks that you may not be aware of. It may look free, but it is not always the case.

Limited Geo-Restriction Bypass

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Even if free VPN services assures you that it will allow you access to geo-restricted services from streaming platforms or websites, it may not always be the case. The scope of access to free VPNs may not be wide-reached and can still block you from other websites and content. For instance, it cannot unblock Netflix content.

Not Delivering What it Promises

Free VPN services will give you all the perks you want when you avail of its services. But, it is not always happening. Not all free VPNs can deliver what they guarantee you, such as anonymity, online security, and reliable encryption.

Some free VPN service also takes a long time to fix their errors, something that you can expect out of a free service.

So, what do you think of a free VPN? Is it still worth it? Do you still find more advantages or pros than cons in using it when taking into considerations its risks? We value your opinion, and we love to hear them. You can drop us a comment below.

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