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How to Share your Wi-Fi Password to Others from iPhone to Android Phone



WiFi is now a necessary commodity everywhere you go. People need to be online even for a few minutes being away from any Internet connection. Whether it is for work, school, or posting on social media, Wi-Fi is crucial to a lot of people.

If some of your friends are coming over to your house, you can share your WiFi password with them to help them stay connected and update others on the fun you are having. But sometimes, you may forget your Wi-Fi password after a long time of not having to log in again. Fortunately, there are ways you can share your WiFi password with others.

Sharing your WiFi Password from an iPhone to Android Phone
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It is easy to share information with others if you all have iPhone or Android devices. Sharing passwords can be done in a few seconds from one iPhone to another through an iOS feature. The same also works between Android devices. But what if you have an iPhone and want to share your WiFI router’s password with an Android phone?

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Steps to Sharing your WiFi Password from an iPhone to Android Phone

If you have an iPhone, you can forward your WiFi password to another iPhone in just a few steps. First, go to the WiFi setting of your iOS mobile device and select your WiFi network. Tap Share Password. Tap Done when finished.

Android devices also make it easy to share WiFi passwords. All you have to do is generate a QR code. First, navigate to the WiFi setting of your Android device. Select your WiFi network. Tap the Share button and authenticate it with your password or fingerprint scan. However, the QR code is available only with Android Q.

Now, how do you share a WiFi password from an iPhone to an Android device? Let us check out the steps below.

The basic step to sharing your WiFi password from your iPhone to an Android device is using a QR code. You need to download and install a reliable WiFi QR code app to create the QR code for your WiFi. Once generated, your friends can scan the code on their Android devices to connect.

  • First, open the QR Code app on your iPhone.
  • Choose Create or Add Code.
  • Select your WiFi network and follow the steps to generate the QR code.
  • Once done, your friends can scan the code on their Android devices.

Note that an Android device needs to have a QR reader to proceed with scanning of the QR code.

Two of the popular WiFi QR Code apps are Visual Codes and Qrafter. Were you able to share your WiFi password successfully from iOS to Android? We love to know your story! You can share it with us in the comment section below.

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