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How to Fix Wyze Security Camera Error Code 1000, 3001 or 1003



Do you experience any issues with your Wyze Cam security camera lately? It’s not just you. There have been numerous reports of errors like 1000, 3001, or 1003. But don’t worry, these CCTV problems are solvable!

In this article, we’ll outline a step-by-step process for fixing frequent Wyze Camera error codes so you can quickly resume normal operations.

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What Do Wyze Camera Error Codes 1000, 3001 and 1003 Mean?

Error 1000 typically appears when a connection to the Internet is problematic. This issue occurs when users are trying to add or assign Cam Plus to the camera and comes with the error message ‘Failed to update device list (error code 1000).’

A weak signal or an erroneous Wi-Fi password entered during setup may be to blame for this. Make sure your device has access to a strong signal from your router and double-check any passwords you supplied during setup to resolve this issue.

The firmware of your Wyze camera has to be updated, if you get an error code 3001. The error usually shows up when viewing a certain event detection video with the error message “Error code 3001 Unkown. Please try again later. If this happens again, please submit a developer log through Wyze support in Settings.”


By going to Settings > System > Firmware Update and then following the on-screen directions to finish the installation, you can quickly upgrade the software.

Also, if you see error code 1003 when attempting to connect your camera, it typically indicates that something is impeding appropriate communication between the two devices, such as out-of-date drivers or an excessive number of active browser tabs. The error message “Error Code 1003 Authentication Failed” pops up.

Ways for Solving Wyze Camera Error 1000

To begin with, confirm that your router has a solid connection and that the power source is operational. We can proceed to the following stage if they are both working properly.

The signal strength of your Wyze camera may be affected by interference from other devices on your home or office network, so that is the next item to look for.

Disconnecting any unnecessary objects might help; try it and see. Your Wi-Fi router’s channel should also be changed because some channels are more likely to face interference than others.

How to Troubleshoot & Fix Wyze Camera Error Code 3001

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To accomplish this, one can follow a few straightforward procedures, such as:

  1. Choose Firmware Update under Settings > System.
  2. Unplugging the power cord entirely. Ensure that it is entirely unplugged from both the wall outlet and the camera.
  3. To successfully reset your Wyze camera, press and hold down the setup button for roughly 15 seconds or until you hear a sound emanating from the speaker.
  4. After finishing, reattach the power cord to the device in the original location and wait 30 to 60 seconds for the machine to properly boot up. An “OK” message should now display on your screen, indicating that everything is functioning properly once more.

Fixing & Troubleshooting Wyze Camera Error Code 1003 Authentication Failed Issue

The setup button on the device’s back must be pressed and held down for 10 seconds or until you hear a chime or see an LED light up in order to accomplish this.

Any current settings, such as Wi-Fi connections, motion detection zones, and other preferences, will be erased if you reset your camera. It’s vital to remember that in order to utilize your camera again after resetting it, you must couple it with the app once more.

If you reset your camera and are still unable to resolve Wyze Camera error 1003, a hardware problem, such as harmed internal components or a bad power supply, may be to blame.

Try using a different power adapter or USB cable than what came with the device to identify the issue. If it’s feasible, putting your Wyze Camera into a different outlet could also assist in resolving any possible electrical problems resulting in the error number 1003.



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