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How to Sign up for an Account & Get Tidal Free Music Subscription Tier



If you have been eyeing to try TIDAL music streaming service but do not seem to get past the pricey subscription, now there is a chance for you. TIDAL recently launched a free subscription tier to fans and users who want to enjoy the music streaming platform at no cost.

TIDAL is a music streaming platform featuring over 80 million songs and 350,000 videos. With its extensive content library, it is a worthy contender to popular music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. However, with its more expensive paid subscription options, some users choose to stay with the competition.

Now with the free subscription tier plan, it is enough reason for new customers to try what TIDAL has to offer. The music streaming platform gives superior sound quality and an option to upgrade your listening experience to recording-studio quality HiFi. Users will have access to documentaries, exclusive interviews, and events to let you get to know your favorite artists more.

TIDAL also features Credits and Contributions that will let you discover the people behind some of the great songs and playlists you listen to on the platform. You can also check out new artists and play music from the Cloud and different devices.

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How to Sign Up for an Account with TIDAL’s New Free Music Streaming Subscription Tier Plan

Before the launch of the free subscription plan on TIDAL, users have two tiered options. First is the TIDAL HiFi, which costs $10 in monthly costs. You get up to 1411 kbps of HiFi sound quality plus access to the entire library content. Users can enjoy offline listening with unlimited skips and expert-curated playlists.

The second tier is the TIDAL HiFi Plus at $20 per month. You get up to 9216 kbps of sound quality with different audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, Master Quality audio, HiFi, and Sony 360 Reality Audio. Offline listening with unlimited skips is also available with expert-curated playlists. The plus side is the direct artists payout and fan-centered royalties. Both plans offer an ad-free listening experience.

With the free subscription tier, you get to enjoy access to the entire library content with curated playlists but with limited interruptions. There are ad breaks or other promotions from TIDAL as you listen to your songs.

  • To get started on your free TIDAL subscription, launch any browser. 
  • Go to https://tidal.com/tiers/free.
  • Click the Start Free Trial.
  • Now, follow the instructions on how to sign up and subscribe to your TIDAL account.

As of now, the free subscription tier on TIDAL is available only in the US. It will soon be made accessible in other locations and regions where TIDAL is supported.

What do you think of the free music streaming subscription plan from TIDAL? Will you avail of the offer or stick with your current music provider? You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Sign up for free music subscription plan on TIDAL now!



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