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How Block Someone & Unblock Users on Spotify using the App



Spotify may not be your typical social media platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitch, or Twitter, but it allows you to connect with other people. You can check out their listening activities and what they posted as public playlists. They can also do the same with you.

However, it may not always seem like the best idea to have someone watching over your Spotify activities, especially if you don’t want them to. The ideal way is to block these users and remove them from your Spotify account. While it was not available before, Spotify now lets you block and unblock someone directly through the app.

Spotify launches updates on its music streaming app that offers its users more enhancements and features. Aside from the features for blocking and unblocking people, Spotify also introduces the Enhanced and Blend mode. The Enhanced feature upgrades your playlists with personalized recommendations, while the Blend feature allows you to integrate your playlist with other users. You can also find an upgraded version of the Autoplay feature.

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How to Block or Unblock Users from Viewing your Spotify Playlists & Activities through the Desktop or Mobile App

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Before the app update, users cannot block particular users from the app. You will have to request to block a specific user or follower from their Spotify account by calling customer service support.

Finally, it is possible. You now can do it on your own through the app on your desktop or mobile device. All you have the do is access your Spotify app and follow the instructions below.

  • On your Spotify app, search for the user that you want to block. You can enter Spotify:user:username on the Search box.
  • From the user’s profile, tap or click the three-dotted icon.
  • Tap or click Block. You will find it next to the Follow button.
  • If you change your mind, you can unblock the user by following the same steps and clicking or tapping Unblock.

Blocking a user will prevent them from viewing your profile page, playlists, and activities on the Spotify music streaming platform. It will make your data and streaming information more private. You can also block or unfollow artists so you won’t have to listen to them. Go to the playlists or artists profile page and click or tap Don’t play this artist.

Why do you want to block someone from your Spotify account? You can share your reasons with us in the comment section below.

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