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How to Get Free BBC Bitesize Content for BT & EE Customers



BBC Bitesize is an online study resource that offers learning tools and games for primary, secondary, and 16+ students. There are extra resources for parents and teachers to support them in helping the students study. You can access these educational tools on the BBC Bitesize website, the Bitesize app, or BBC iPlayer.

With the ongoing pandemic, it is a challenge for students to continue with their education. Face-to-face learning is not allowed, and schools are closed. Students must rely on online classes, but not everyone has the means to do so. Not all families have Internet connections at home. It is also too costly to use data plans for online classes.

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BT and EE Removes Mobile Data Charges for BBC Bitesize Content

Credit: BT

BT and BBC are partnering to offer help to students in their online classes. Both companies form an agreement that will give zero-rating on BBC Bitesize content. That means students can access the videos and materials on BBC Bitesize free of data charges if they are an existing BT or EE subscribers. Even when they no longer have data allocations, students can still open the BBC Bitesize and continue learning.

The Zero-Rating agreement applied to all mobile customers of the wider BT network. It includes mobile users of EE, BT Mobile, and Plusnet Mobile. There is no need to register to avail of the free data charges on BBC Bitesize. It automatically applies to all mobile plans on BT.

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Credit: EE

Users can access content on the BBC Bitesize website as well as on the Bitesize app and iPlayer. However, BT’s zero-rating is available only until the end of January 2021 and schools are expected to open within the year.

Students will have the support they need for their education, even while learning at home. It can help families save money without compromising on the children’s education.

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