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New Users Get 3 Months of Amazon Music HD Free Trial Subscription



Music lovers will have a great start to the New Year with Amazon Music! Amazon is giving a three-month free trial to new subscribers of Amazon Music HD. Instead of paying the monthly payments when you first subscribe, you will enjoy it free of charge for a whole 90-day trial period.

Amazon Music HD features premium quality music streaming for all its subscribers. On-demand songs and albums are available all day and every day. You get to listen to tunes without any ad interruptions.


Subscribers will have access to 70 million songs in high-definition. Out of the 70 million available on your playlist, 5 million are in Ultra HD. That means that it is ten times better in Bitrate than standard streaming services. Amazon gives you a high-quality audio streaming experience all the time.

Now, you can play your favorite tunes many times without limits, just like how your favorite artists want you to hear them. You can also discover new songs that you can include in your playlist at any time. With the Ultra HD experience, it will elevate how you listen to music. Users also have access to exclusive remastered albums.

Amazon Music HD Comes with Four Subscription Plans

  • Individual Plan – rate starts at £7.99 per month. Subscribers will have unlimited access to millions of songs available. It is also ad-free.
  • Family Plan – rate is at £14.99 per month. You can stream your songs at once on up to 6 devices. It is ideal for families and groups.
  • Single Device Plan – rate is at £3.99 per month. If you only want to stream on a single device like Fire TV or Echo, this plan is practical.
  • Student Plan – students will have a chance to enjoy unlimited access to music without spending a lot.

How to Get the 90 Days Free Trial on Amazon Music HD

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Simply subscribe to Amazon Music HD streaming service by going to https://www.amazon.com/music/unlimited/hd. Fill out your details and you’re good to go with your new high-definition music streaming subscription.

Keep in mind that the three-month free trial is available only to new subscribers of Amazon Music HD individual plan. Amazon Music Unlimited also has the same offer. The offer is valid only until January 11, 2021. So, if you don’t see it when you clicked the link, it means it has already expired. Subscribers who availed of the offer can cancel the subscription at any time. After the 90 days trial, subscriptions will renew automatically to their full monthly price.

UPDATE: Looks like the offer is becoming a permanent fixture for Amazon Music HD. It’s still available now, and it’s already February. We will update this post when new development comes up.

Have you tried listening to HD songs on Amazon Music HD? Is it really an eargasm inducing experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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