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Enable or Disable Lost Mode in Find My App for Apple AirTag Tracker



Apple AirTag helps you track your lost items through a Bluetooth connection. You can find your wallet, keys, or anything with the AirTag tracker on it. Use the Apple Find My app on your iPhone or iPad Apple device to navigate the location of your Apple AirTag.

But, what if you lost your Apple AirTag? What if you left it somewhere and are far away from it? Is it gone forever? Fortunately, that is not the case. Apple makes it easier for you, thanks to the Lost Mode in Apple AirTag. When you lost your AirTag somewhere, all you have to do is turn on the Lost Mode for others to find it for you.

Apple AirTag has a Find My Network that uses and connects nearby Apple devices, forming a network to extend its tracking reach. That means that someone with an Apple device can ping the location of your AirTag and alert you.

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How Does Apple AirTag Bluetooth Tracker Lost Mode Work

Credit: Apple

With the AirTag Lost Mode, even if you are miles away from your lost Bluetooth tracking device, marking it lost will set it with your contact details. That way, anyone who found your AirTag can identify who the owner is and contact you.

For instance, you left your AirTag somewhere far from your home. When you arrive at your house, you cannot locate it anywhere. You can turn on the Lost Mode and mark your tracker as lost through the Apple Find My app in your iOS device. When someone finds it, they can check your contact details on the Find My app and call you.

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Now, you need to enable the feature in Find My settings to put your AirTag Bluetooth tracker in Lost Mode and disable it when found. Learn more how to do it in this guide.

How to Turn On or Enable Apple AirTag Lost Mode in Find My App

Credit: Apple

To turn on the Apple AirTag Lost Mode feature you need to enable it in the Find My app settings in your iPhone. Follow the steps below to put your tracker in Lost Mode.

  • Open Apple Find My app on your Apple device.
  • Go to the Items tab.
  • Look for your AirTag and select it.
  • Look for the Lost Mode option.
  • Select Enable.
  • Enter your phone number. Make sure you have access to this number at all times since it is where someone will reach you when they found your AirTag.
  • Tap Activate.
  • If you want to edit your phone number, go to the Items tab on your Find My app.
  • Select your AirTag.
  • Tap Lost Mode.
  • Tap the Enabled button.
  • Now, change your phone number.
  • Tap Save.

What to Do When You See a Lost AirTag & How to Disable Lost Mode when Found

Credit: Onur Binay/Unsplash

If you see a lost AirTag or if someone saw your AirTag tracker, go to your Find My app and select Identify Found Item. It will show the phone number of the owner.

Once your AirTag returns to you, make sure to turn off or disable the Lost Mode settings to avoid complications with your Find My app.

  • Launch Find My app and go to the Items tab.
  • Select your lost AirTag.
  • Go to the Lose Mode tab.
  • Tap Turn off Lost Mode.

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Did your lost AirTag ever return to you? We would love to hear your story! You can share it with us in the comment section below.


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