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How to Get the Harry Potter, Disney Filters On Instagram



Are you Princess or a Villain? Do you love to know which Harry Potter Character are you?

You may have noticed lately that some of your friends in Instagram have pop up bubbles on their head asking them questions like “Which Disney Are You?”, “What Pokemon are You?” and “Which Harry Potter Character are You?”.

Well, if you want to know why, here’s some great news. Instagram offers a new set of filters that are currently trending. Users can use these filters during their video recording, asking them questions about their favorite characters.

Instagram Harry Potter Filter

Whether you are a team Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin, you will be surprised with the answers you can get from these filters. Once you begin recording, the answers will shuffle on top of your head before landing on your character. You can also find out which Hogwarts house would you be in with this fun Harry Potter house quiz.

Of course, not that the answers directly have meaning to your personalities but the filters are fun and have caught up with thousands of Instagram users. Still, these filters are not available straight away. If you want to join the trend and have your own filters, here’s how you can get the Harry Potter, Pokemon, and Disney filters on Instagram

Here’s How to Get The Harry Potter, Pokemon, Disney Filters on Instagram

Solution 1 – Look for it in the Browse Effects Option

Open your Instagram Camera and when you swipe to the right, tap the Browse Effects option to open. Look for the filter among the gallery options.

Solution 2 – Use the Try It button on Instagram Stories

Check out Instagram Stories of your friends. If they are using the same filters, tap on the title the effects located at the upper left corner. You will then see a Try It button. Click to try the filter yourself.

Solution 3 – Ask a Friend

If you remembered seeing a friend using the filter but forgot to save it before closing Instagram, you can simply ask your friend to send it to you via DM. To do this, he or she can tap on the filter in their Stories and click Send To, choosing you as recipient.

After you received it in your DM, click on the image. Click the save icon (or the down arrow icon) and save it to your Instagram Camera. You may also test it first before saving using Try It.

Solution 4 – Search It from the Creators

If the above methods do not work for you, you can always go to the creators of these filters and save them in your Camera. Search the name of these creators and check their profiles. Follow their Instagram accounts and look for the Smiley Face tab. Search the filter you want to save and click it to either Try It or Save on your Instagram Camera.

It Is That Easy!

So, the next time someone ask you what Harry Potter character you are, send them your Instagram video with filters and let them find out themselves.

How do you like the new Instagram filters? Tell us what you think in the comments below. Better yet, show us your Instagram filtered video!



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