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How to Check Apple AirTag or Samsung SmartTag Battery Life



Having a smart tracking device is a lifesaver. It is frequent for us to misplace our keys, wallet, glasses, remote control, and more. The time and effort we spent looking for these things are inconvenient and can compromise other activities we need to do.

Thanks to Bluetooth tracking devices like Apple AirTag and Samsung SmartTag, the time we have to spend searching for our lost remote, keys, wallet, or even a pet is lessen. You no longer have to turn your house upside down to search for your items. With the AirTag or SmartTag, you can use your phone to track these things.

How Does Apple AirTag and Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker Work?

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To use the advanced technology offered by both Apple and Samsung, you need to connect your location tracking device to your phone’s app. Through the companion app, you can locate the whereabouts of your misplaced items. 

The smartphone app has a map that will display the approximate location of the item. As you go nearer the device, it will emit a sound until you stop it. 

The problem is when your Apple AirTag and Samsung Smart Tag run out of battery. If they do, you cannot track your items even when the device is on them. 

What you can do is check the battery life of your tracking device. That way, you can change the battery when necessary. Both tracking devices use the standard CR2032 battery which you can buy from any store.

How to Check Apple AirTag Smart Location Tracker Battery Life

Credit: Apple

To check your Apple AirTag battery life, you need to access your Find My App on your iPhone.

  • First, launch the Find My App.
  • Go to the bottom of the screen and navigate to the Items tab.
  • Tap your AirTag.
  • You will then see the level of battery available on your AirTag through the battery icon.

How to Check Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker Battery Life

Credit: Samsung

To view the battery life of your Samsung SmartTag, you need to go to the SmartThings app.

  • Open the SmartThings app on your Samsung Galaxy device.
  • Select the Menu icon.
  • Tap All Devices.
  • Choose your Smart Tag.
  • You can check the battery level. 

What Bluetooth location tracking device are you currently using to keep track of your lost items? How is your experience? We value your opinion so please do share them with us below.

Apple AirTags

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Keep track of and find your lost items alongside friends and devices in the Find My app using Apple AirTags!

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+

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Keep tabs on your most precious items like keys, bags or personal belongings.



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