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How to Update your SimpliSafe Home Security Device Software or Firmware



Keeping your home safe is a critical process since there are threats even within the comforts of your house. Aside from possible robbery or theft, there are also dangers to floods, fires, or carbon monoxide leaks. Having a trusted sensor to monitor these harmful elements will ensure better protection and security at home.

SimpliSafe offers a reliable home security system that will monitor threats inside your house. It is a DIY-installed alarm that you can add to your home without added frills or complications. With its easy-to-use base station, you have a simple and effective alarm system that you can use round the clock.

SimpliSafe also offers Smart Lock tools, indoor and outdoor cameras, and video doorbells for added home owner protection.

To ensure that your SimpliSafe home safety system is working at its top performance, you need to regularly keep its device software or firmware updated to the latest version.

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How to Download & Install Device Software or Firmware Updates for SimpliSafe Home Security System

Downloading and installing available system upgrades on your SimpliSafe device firmware will integrate new and improved features to enhance the performance of your security system. Users can start updating the Keypad and Base station manually while other areas of the home device install available updates automatically.

Note that you need to connect to your WiFi to download the software updates to your SimpliSafe device. SimpliSafe comes with a cellular connection that will not require you to connect it to your WiFi. However, when installing updates, you need to connect them to the Internet.

  • On your SimpliSafe Keypad, press the Menu button.
  • Go to System Settings.
  • Select WiFi.
  • Choose your WiFi connection.
  • Enter your password.
  • It will connect to your WiFi network.

Another thing to consider is the time that you need to spend when installing the firmware updates. You need at least 12 minutes to initiate the upgrade process. That means your SimpliSafe system will be offline during this time.

How to Check for Available Firmware Upgrades on your SimpliSafe System

If there is an available update, you will receive a notification on your Keypad or see the Gear icon. But, if you have not seen it, you can check for available updates on the System Settings.

  • To start downloading your device software update, make sure your Keypad is beside your Base station.
  • Locate the Gear icon and push the left side to open the menu. 
  • Push the right side to select Install Update. 
  • Wait for your SimpliSafe system to install updates and restart. You will also see the percentage progress of the update on your screen. 

That’s it! Now, you can experience a better function on your SimpliSafe home security system with a constant upgrade of its firmware.

How was your experience after installing the device software update on your SimpliSafe? We would love to know your thoughts! You can drop them in the comments below.

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