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How to Disable or Turn Off Private Incognito Mode on Chromebook Permanently



When we want to search for something a bit embarrassing online and do not want others to find out about it, we launch the Incognito Mode. At some point, almost everyone tried to browse through the Incognito or the Private Mode on their computer’s web browser. It feels safe and private knowing that nobody will discover what you have been doing online.

Too bad since that is not always the case. Incognito Mode may be a good solution for private browsing. But, it does not sweep off every footprint of your activity. The websites you visit still know you as well as your Internet provider. So, if privacy is your concern, Incognito Mode won’t entirely cut it.

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Moreover, Incognito Mode is not safe for children and students using the tool. In fact, never tell your kids about Incognito Mode because they will always use it to hide their personal or school activities from you. It will only result in a huge disaster if you are unaware of what your children are doing online.

So, if you want Incognito out of your personal Chromebook computer or the one your kids are using, you can disable or turn off the feature on ChromeOS permanently.

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Disabling Private Mode or Incognito Mode on Chromebooks (ChromeOS)

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Incognito Mode will allow you to surf the web without storing your passwords, history, cache, cookies, and other online activity data. It is ideal to use when you are using someone else’s device or from a public computer. However, it is not safe to introduce them to your children.

So, how do you disable Incognito Mode on Chromebook device completely? You can follow the steps below. Note that you need to have access to the G Suite account associated with your Chromebook. To turn off Incognito Mode private browsing on a Chrome OS computer, you have to access Google Admin console.

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  • On your browser, go to http://admin.google.com/.
  • Login to your G Suite account.
  • You will see the Admin Console.
  • Look for Devices and click to open it.
  • Head over to the left panel and select Chrome.
  • Select Settings.
  • Go to Security.
  • Click Incognito Mode.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Disallow Incognito Mode.
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That’s it! setting the Disallow Incognito Mode will disable the feature on your device permanently until you turn it back on again. Incognito Mode is a helpful feature on any device may it be on a Windows PC, Mac computer or even on mobile devices like an Android phone or tablet as well as an iPhone or iPad. But, you have to know when to use it effectively.

What is your reason for turning off Incognito Mode on your Chromebook? You can share your thoughts with us down below.

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  1. Okay but this only works if you have a Workplace or Cloud account with Google. I have neither so what do I do? My teen child is accessing Incognito mode and I need to disable it…


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