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How to Change Date, Time or Location of Photos in iPhone with iOS 15



Apple is set to release its fifteenth major iOS mobile operating system. iOS 15 will offer new features to iPhone and iPod Touch users that will elevate their mobile experience. The new version update of the iOS will bring added tools for FaceTime, Safari, Maps, Wallet, Weather, Photos, and more.

New features for iOS 15 will include Focus and Live Text. Users will find Focus handy as it prevents distractions from notifications and apps. Live Text will be able to recognize text in images so that you can highlight and copy it.

There will be added experience for FaceTime calls with spatial audio and voice isolation. You can also enjoy the new upgraded grid view when you FaceTime your friends. Plus, SharePlay will enable you to share and sync media when on a FaceTime call. You can share links, images, and even your screen.

You can download and install iOS 15 upgrade on iPhone 6S phones and later devices.

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Another excellent feature on the iOS 15 update is the ability to edit and change the EXIF data of photos and videos you have taken on your iPhone including the date, time and even the location. Prior to this new feature on iOS15, iPhone users need to sync their images to a Mac computer to use the Photos app or any other third-party software to set or adjust incorrect metadata. But now, it’s here right on your fingertips.

You may not always use it every day, but it is helpful if the timestamp on your images is wrong. Having a more accurate and original date, time, and location stamp or metadata on your camera pictures and videos is better for documentation and sharing as well as for organizing your personal stuff on your phone.

How to Set & Adjust Photo or Video Date, Time & Location Metadata in iOS 15

Credit: Apple

If you want to set, change or adjust the date, time, and geolocation stamp on your photos and videos after installing iOS 15 update on your iPhone, follow the steps below.

  • On your iPhone, launch the Photos app.
  • Look for the photo that you want to adjust the date and time.
  • Tap the photo.
  • At the bottom, tap the i icon or swipe the photo.
  • Look for the Date and Time option.
  • Tap Adjust next to it.
  • Now, you can set the date and time from the calendar.
  • Tap Done.
  • To update the image or video location, click Edit on the map preview.
  • Now, enter the new location on the search box and select the correct geolocation from the Map Locations results.

That’s it! Now, you have the option to edit and set the correct date and time metadata on your photos and videos when you feel like it. Just be aware that once you have edited the date and time of a picture, it will be moved to where it belongs in a chronological order within your camera roll library or albums.

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Does the date and time adjustment tool in iOS15 come in handy for you? We would love to know your opinion. Please write to us in the comment section below.



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