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How to Fix Cellular Update Failed Error when Updating iPhone



Downloading an update on your iPhone can help improve your device’s system. Updates are equipped with added features that will enhance the user experience and security. In most cases, it includes fixes that will repair bugs from previous versions.

However, some Apple users complained that they are receiving “Cellular Update Failed” error on their iPhones. Other users get the other variation of the error message that says: “Mobile Data Update Failed”. Different wordings, but they all mean the same thing. If you encounter the same error when updating your iOS device, continue reading below to know how to fix it.

Why Does My iPhone Keep Saying Cellular Update Failed?


There are different reasons why your iPhone experience the cellular update failed error. It may be due to your network settings. In other cases, there is something wrong with your sim card tray. To help you fix the error, check out the solutions below.

How Do You Fix Cellular Update Failed?

Solution #1 – Reinsert Your Sim Card


It may be due to a problem with your sim card or your sim tray. A good way is to try to reinsert your sim card. Turn off your phone and remove your sim card. Let it rest for a few minutes before putting it back on your sim tray. Now, check if the error still exists.

Solution #2 – Adjust Your Cellular Settings

  1. Launch the Settings menu of your iPhone.
  2. Go to Cellular.
  3. Look for WiFi Calling and turn it Off.
  4. Under the Cellular option again, select Cellular Data Options.
  5. Choose Enable LTE.
  6. Select Data Only.

Solution #3 – Reset Your Network Settings

  1. Launch the Settings menu on your iPhone.
  2. Select General.
  3. Look for Reset and click to open.
  4. Go to Reset Network Settings.
  5. Type the passcode.
  6. Tap Reset Network Settings.

Solution #4 – Update Your Software


You can try and update your iOS version using a more stable Wifi Network connection rather than relying on your mobile data. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Navigate to General.
  3. Tap Software Update.
  4. Check if there are available updates and install them.

Which of the solutions above worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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