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How to Make Group FaceTime Video Calls on iPhone or iPad



Making a Group FaceTime video call has its own advantages if you are not already using Zoom. With the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown of many cities and countries, using the group FaceTime video call is one way to connect with your family. You can use a video chat to see each other if not physically.

The Group FaceTime is an iOS feature and can accommodate calls for up to 32 people. You can connect via video chat or you can also choose an audio chat.

How to Make Group FaceTime Video Calls

Devices that Support Group FaceTime

Unfortunately, not all Apple devices can do a Group FaceTime. Users need to have an iOS 12.1.4 or later. You will also need an iPadOS on your iPhone 6s or later.

Other devices that allows you to use Group FaceTime includes:

  • iPad mini 4 or later
  • iPad Pro or later
  • iPad – 5th generation
  • iPad Air 2 or later
  • iPod touch – 7th generation

Still, users with earlier models than the ones above can also join the call as audio participants.

How to Use Group FaceTime on iPhone or iPad

Group FaceTime iPhone iPad
  • Go to FaceTime.
  • On the top right corner, click the plus sign.
  • Start adding the people you want to FaceTime.
  • Tap Video to begin the call.

Use Group FaceTime Call from the FaceTime App

facetime app
  • First, go to Settings.
  • Select FaceTime.
  • Next, on the top right corner, click the Add button.
  • Type the contacts of the people you want to call.
  • Tap Video to start your FaceTime.

Start a Group FaceTime Call from the Messages App

Group FaceTime Messages
  • Open Messages.
  • Click Start a group conversation. You may also use an existing group conversation.
  • At the top of the group conversation, select your contacts.
  • Tap the camera button for FaceTime.
  • Start your call.

How to Join a Group FaceTime Call

When someone invited you to a FaceTime call, you will receive a call notification. Just tap the camera icon to accept the call.

Have you ever started a Group FaceTime video call? How was your experience? Tell us in the comments below.


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