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How to Block or Unblock Someone on WhatsApp



WhatsApp is another popular messaging app that allows users to chat or share media for free. By connecting only to the Internet, you can freely communicate with anyone at any time.

While it is useful to have a free online communication tool, there are times when you don’t like talking to someone on WhatsApp Messenger. Some of your contacts may be too annoying, or you may have encountered a person who threats or violates you.

One way of protecting yourself and staying away is to block them. Blocking your contacts on WhatsApp is not the same as muting them. When you Mute someone, you only stop push notifications on your device. But, you can remain in contact. If you block someone, you cease being in contact with that person permanently.

What Happens When You Permanently Block A Contact on WhatsApp?

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Blocking someone will not notify him or her of your action. Still, there are indicators when you block someone on WhatsApp.

  • You will no longer receive any messages or calls from them.
  • You will not see any updates on the blocked contact.
  • You will not see if the contact is online in the chat.
  • You will no longer see if messages sent are delivered to the contacts.

However, keep in mind that even if you blocked someone, you can still see messages from each other if you belong to the same chat group.

Blocking Someone using the WhatsApp Mobile App

How to Block Someone with Unknown Number on WhatsApp Messenger Mobile App
  • On your iOS or Android mobile device, launch the WhatsApp app.
  • Go to your Chats section.
  • Look for the contact you want to block. Tap to open.
  • On the top-right corner, tap the three-dotted icon.
  • Select More.
  • Now, choose Block.
  • Tap Block again. If you want to report the contact as well, tap Report and Block.

Blocking a Contact through the WhatsApp Web App

  • Launch WhatsApp on your web browser.
  • From your chat list, click the three-horizontal icon.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Choose Blocked.
  • Click the Add blocked contact button.
  • Look for the contact you want to block and select it.

How to Unblock Some in WhatsApp

  • Navigate to the Settings Menu.
  • Go to Account.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Tap Blocked.
  • Look for the blocked contact.
  • You can either swipe left on the name or tap Edit.
  • Tap the red Minus sign.
  • Now, select Unblock.

Alternative Method

  • Another way to unblock a contact is to go to your chat thread with the blocked contact.
  • Tap the name.
  • Select Unblock Contact.
  • You can also swipe left on your chat thread.
  • Select More.
  • Go to Contact info.
  • Tap Unblock Contact.

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