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How to Safely Clean a Dirty Headphone Jack or Aux Port



Having a bit of privacy when you are in a public place or with people around is a good thing. When you want to play games, watch movies, or talk to someone over the phone, you can enjoy a private moment using headphones. All you have to do is plug in your earphone to the jack or aux port of your computer or mobile device.

Still, your headphone jacks get dirty over time. The aux port is one of the most exposed parts of your phone or laptop since you cannot cover it. There is dirt and dust that gets accumulated and clogged up in due time. The best thing you need to do is clean your headphone jack.

Why Clean your Dirty Headphone Jack or Aux Port

Not a lot of people may mind their headphone jack or aux port on their mobile device. As long as it is working fine, it is nothing to bother their day. But, what happens when you start to get audio problems? There are times when you encounter intermittent sound while using your headphones.

In some cases, your earphones may no longer fit the aux port. Your phone is also prone to get stuck in headphone mode. Not cleaning your headphone jack may also lead to crackling and disconnection of your headphone and mobile device. But keeping it in pristine condition will make all the difference in performance.

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Methods to Clean your Phone or Computer Headphone Jack or Aux Port Properly & Safely

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Fortunately, several solutions and ways that will help you clean your dirty headphone jack or aux port properly and more safely. Some users may not want to touch their aux port to prevent damages to their iPhone or Android phone. It may be true but if you need to clean your headphone jack, you have to do it carefully.

Solution #1 – Use a Cotton Swab or Q-Tips

Get a clean and dry cotton swab or q-tips. Make sure there are no dirt and no loose cotton fibers around it. Use the cotton swab or qtip to gently remove specks of dirt or small clouds of dust that have accumulated in your headphone jack.

Solution #2 – Remove Dirt Using an Interdental Brush

Interdental brushes are easily available in supermarkets and convenience stores. You can also get this item on Amazon. The bristles are good enough to remove dirt found inside your aux port. You can damp the bristles with rubbing alcohol. Avoid soaking it. Repeatedly insert the brush inside the headphone jack and twist it gently to take the dust and dirt out.

Solution #3 – Clean the Headphone Jack with Air Dusters

If you have an air duster at home, you can use it to dust your headphone jack. The pressurized air will help you remove the dirt. However, you need to do it correctly otherwise, it will damage your aux port. 

Place your air dusters a few centimeters from your headphone jack. Point the nozzle to your aux port and gently let the air out. 

Solution #4 – Apply the Tape and Paper Clip Method

  • Get a paper clip and unbend it until you get an almost straight line.
  • Wrap the paper clip with the tape securely. Make sure to place the sticky side out. 
  • Gently insert the taped paper clip inside your headphone jack.
  • Slowly twist the paper clip to clean your aux port.

Do you have other solutions that can effectively clean your headphone jack? and aux port in a safe manner You can share them with us in the comment section below.

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