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How to Change your Steam Account Name



A username is a fun way to express who you are online. You can choose the funniest combination of names or you can be serious in creating the perfect name to represent you. Whatever your reasons may be, the option is limitless, unless if others already took the username that you want and it is no longer available.

Steam users also log in their usernames when going online. However, there may be times when you feel that your current username may no longer represent who you are right now.

In some cases, you want to have another username to log in on your Steam account. There may be different reasons for users to change their Steam account name. Whatever your purpose is, changing your Steam username is easy.

How to Change your Account Name or Username on Steam

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  • Launch your Steam app on your computer.
  • On the main screen, look for your username at the top and hover your mouse to open the drop-down menu.
  • Click Profile.
  • Look for Edit Profile and click to open.
  • At the upper part of the screen, click your Profile Name. Now, you can change your username to any new name that you want.
  • When you are done, scroll down to the bottom and click Save Changes.

It is that easy! You can change your Steam account name at any time. Keep in mind that all your previous usernames are stored in your Steam account. So, if you want to look back on your previous names, you can check it on your profile.

All of your previous usernames will be linked to your account, which means that any user who still searches your previous account names can find you even after changing your name. If you want to delete all your previous usernames, click Clear previous aliases.

What is your most memorable Steam account name? Share your story with us in the comment section below.


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