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How to Lock your Netflix Profile with Account-Level PIN Protection



The Internet is not a very safe place to be in these days. People with malicious intents abound thus locking up your Netflix profiles and protecting it with a PIN can give you another level of security. Hackers can gain access to your profiles, creating disruptions, and some are even adding embarrassing contents to your viewing history.

There are also other people in your household or at work who would stream Netflix through your profile without your permission. Having a PIN in place also adds privacy from these people.

Netflix Profile Lock with PIN
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There are a lot of reasons why people should lock their Netflix profiles with a PIN. For parents, it prevents their children from accessing their profiles and looking around their watch history and related contents. Kids can watch inappropriate content not suitable for their ages.

Setting a PIN to all of the Netflix Profiles in your Account

You can also set PINs to the rest of your Netflix profiles. For instance, if there are four of you in your household with a separate Netflix profile, you can all set your four-digit PIN to your own profile.

Protect your Netflix Profile with a PIN to Stop other People from Using it

Setting your PIN can only be done on your Netflix account through any browser. You cannot set a PIN on the Netflix app on your smartphone, TV or any other devices. However, in case someone tries to access your profile on their smartphone, they are still required to enter a PIN.

Netflix Profile Lock Settings
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  • Open Netflix website on your browser and sign in your account.
  • On the upper right, click your profile photo.
  • Select Account.
  • Look for Profile & Parental Controls.
  • Next, to your profile photo, click the down arrow.
  • Look for Profile Lock and click Change.
  • Enter your Netflix password to verify your account.
  • Under Lock this profile by creating a 4-digit pin, check the Require a PIN to access profile.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Click Save.

So, whenever someone attempts to access your profile, a verification will appear asking for your PIN. From the same settings, you can also add a PIN if someone tries to add a new profile to your Netflix account.

Does setting a PIN on your Netflix profile work for you? Tell us in the comments below.



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