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How to Remove or Turn Off the ‘Posts’ Tab from Microsoft Teams



There are various features on Microsoft Teams that can aid collaborators and team members to become more efficient in using the app. For example, each channel on Microsoft Teams has default tabs, namely the Post tab, the Files tab, and the Wiki tab. On the Post tab, you will see all the conversations made in the channel, including the messages and replies of each member. Files shared in the channel are available in the Files tab, while the Wiki tab works like a text editor.

However, not all users appreciate the idea of seeing the tabs on their MS Teams channel. Even if it is supposed to offer a more seamless conversation process in terms of function, a lot of people find it useless and a nuisance. All they want is to be able to remove the Posts tab.

How to Delete or Turn Off the ‘Posts’ Tab from your Microsoft Teams Channel

Microsoft Teams allow its users to add more tabs on each channel. For each tab, you can add the apps that you often use or files that you need at the moment. In the same while, you can also move the tabs by dragging them along the bar.

Unfortunately, there is no function where you can remove or hide the Posts tab from your MS Teams channel. It also applies to the Files tab. Microsoft Teams made the default tabs by design and cannot be changed by the users. You can still delete the other tabs that you added.

So, how to manage the Posts tab on your Teams channel? You can change the permissions where members cannot post messages, so you do not have to deal with lengthy conversations in the Posts tab. You can set that only owners can post messages.

How to Modify Posting Messages on Microsoft Teams

How to Modify Posting Messages on Microsoft Teams
  • Go to the channel where you want to change permissions.
  • Click the More Options button.
  • Select Manage Channel.
  • Navigate to Channel Settings.
  • Choose Permissions.
  • Look for the Only owners can post messages option and check the box next to it.

How to Mute Members on Microsoft Teams Channel

How to Mute Members on Microsoft Teams Channel
  • On your Teams channel, click More Options.
  • Choose Manage Team.
  • Navigate to the Members tab.
  • Select Mute members.
  • Check the box to mute all members.

What is your reason for wanting to remove the Posts tab on your Teams channel? We are curious about your answer! You can share them with us in the comment section below.


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