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How to Use Together Mode in Microsoft Teams Video Meetings



Microsoft is taking its video conferencing into new heights. The technology giant launched a new update that will make Microsoft Teams more engaging for its users. Introducing the new Microsoft Teams Together Mode.

Video conferencing makes it easier for organizations and collaborations to work together remotely. Using the new Together Mode, it creates a different and more comfortable atmosphere for the users to engage in one group. Participants of the video conference will be arranged in a virtual meeting hall instead of the usual gallery mode.

How Do You Use Together Mode in Microsoft Teams

Screenshot / Windows Dispatch

According to Microsoft, the Together Mode in Microsoft Teams is more than just an added feature but an improvement to the experience in video conferencing. Using an AI segmentation technology, the conference room will mimic an experience similar to sitting in a real meeting with all your workmates.

Together Mode uses the geometry of reflection concept, which allows participants to look through a virtual mirror when looking at the group. This will help maintain eye contact and more synchronized movements. For instance, when asked to look to the bottom left, all participants will be looking in the same direction.

Screenshot / Windows Dispatch

The positions of the participants are also fixed. It means that how the participants appear on one screen will also be the same as the rest of the group. Now, all participants will feel that they are in one big auditorium, having a real meeting.

Microsoft will also launch other views with the Together Mode. As of now, you can use the auditorium or the meeting hall. There will be a virtual coffee shop soon, among others.

What do you think of the new Together Mode in Microsoft Teams? Do you also want to switch to this mode, or are you sticking with the gallery mode? Tell us what you think by dropping a comment below.



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