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Fix “Your browser is preventing access to your microphone” Error on Zoom Meetings



With remote work becoming more a necessity, online video conferencing and calls make team-building sessions more effective. Even when you are miles apart from your workplace or workmates, you can still connect and see them in real-time through Zoom video meetings.

Zoom makes you feel like everyone is just within your reach. You can talk to people, friends, families, and co-workers using your device’s microphone and see them on the video through the built-in camera. But, some users claimed that their microphone is not working, and they encountered an error when they try to unmute and use their mic.

For some users, Zoom failed to detect your microphone or audio input device and unable to access it, so anyone in the meeting can’t hear them talking. They see the error message, “Your browser is preventing access to your microphone. Learn how to allow access to your microphone.”


According to affected users, the problem happens after they try to disconnect their external microphone while unmuted and reconnect it. When they try to unmute their audio after reconnecting, it points to the error, and they can no longer unmute. The issue often happens on desktop or laptop computers with Windows 10 or macOS operating system.

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How to Fix Zoom Error: Your browser is preventing access to your microphone

If you experience the same sound issue with your microphone in the middle of your Zoom video meeting, there are several ways for you to troubleshoot and fix the audio problem on your device. Let’s check them out below.

Solution #1 – Exit the Zoom Call and Try Coming Back In

It is like refreshing a web page but with a Zoom call. You may exit the call first and try joining back in. Check if you can unmute your microphone.

Solution #2 – Install the Latest Zoom Client or App Version on your Device

Download the latest update on your Zoom desktop client or mobile app. Go to Google Play Store on Android phones or tablets, the Apple App Store on an iPhone or iPad, or the Microsoft Store on Windows 10/11 PC, and look for Zoom. Install any available updates and restart your device.

Solution #3 – Use a Different Device to Make your Zoom Call

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If you have a different device available for you to use, you can switch to it and go back to your Zoom call. For instance, you may use your laptop if you are currently using your mobile device for your Zoom video meeting. Make sure you have the latest Zoom app installed, or you can use the web version of Zoom to rule out app-related issues.

If you are using Zoom on the web, try switching to another browser to get around the mic error. You can use any of the popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Brave, or Opera.

Solution #4 – Try Using an Audio Adapter

Look for an adapter that you can plug into your audio port. Make sure that it has two outputs for you to try using different headsets. Check out these cheap but reliable audio adapters on Amazon if you need to buy one.

Do you have other methods that might help fix the Zoom microphone and audio errors? You can share them in the comment section below.

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