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What’s the Difference: NBC Peacock Free vs Premium



NBC’s Peacock is making its way into the streaming service arena with two tiers available for viewers. It is going to be the only streaming service that offers a free option. Now, the question is, what sets the Peacock Free and Premium apart?

And to make it more complex, NBC Peacock is adding an extra tier that will make your decision a more mind-boggling. Here comes, the ad-free Peacock Premium. Let’s dig into each option and see which one is the best for you.

NBC Peacock Streaming

How to Decide Between NBC Peacock Free & Peacock Premium

Let’s look at the different aspects of each price tier option.


Peacock Free: No doubt, it is for free. You will not spend a single dime on it. Sign up here!
Peacock Premium: It is for $4.99 per month. Free for existing Comcast subscribers. Sign up here!
Then, there is the Peacock Premium (ad-free): You pay at $9.99 per month. Sign up here!


Peacock Free: You will see ads 5 minutes per hour.
Peacock Premium: You will see ads 5 minutes per hour.
Peacock Premium (ad-free): There are no ads.



Peacock Free: You get 7,500 hours of contents. Only selected shows from NBC and other networks are available on the Free option.
Peacock Premium: You get 15,000 hours of contents on both Premium options. Full seasons of shows are available for streaming.


Peacock Free: Only several Peacock originals will be shown. Sign up here!
Peacock Premium: You can watch full seasons of Peacock originals. However, there are very few original series available now on Peacock. Sign up here!

Peacock Free: Only some news and sports content will be shown.
Peacock Premium: Extra sports contents are available, including the English Premier League Soccer

Peacock Free: Selected movies and classic shows are available.
Peacock Premium: You have access to “Premium movies” and earlier window’s content. Episodes of current shows will be aired the after its original airing. You also have early access to late night TV, with some shows airing on Peacock hours before airing on NBC.


So, Which One are you Picking?

If you prioritize streaming videos without any interruptions, then the extra $5 can make it worthwhile to choose the ad-free Peacock Premium subscription. But, if you want to enjoy streaming knowing you haven’t spent any money on it, the Free plan is your best bet. Get the most of everything and the Peacock Premium is just the right plan for you.

What is your best choice? Tell us in the comments below.



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