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How to Download Quibi Episodes to Watch Shows Offline



Quibi recently announced that they are working on the TV mirroring feature, so while you are still waiting for the large screen appearance, you can download and watch Quibi shows offline.

One of the biggest drawbacks of streaming services is when your Internet connection is not working. However, with Quibi shows, you can easily download your favorite episode to watch for later. This is a pretty standard feature for streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus or Hulu.

What Shows to Watch on Quibi?


At launch, Quibi released over 50 titles for its viewers and is planning to release new episodes per weekday as well as a few daily shows over the weekend. Each show is part of a series and Quibi continues to update the app until the series is complete.

You can see three categories on Quibi: Movies on Chapters, Daily Essentials, and Unscripted Docs. Quibi will release over three hours of new programming daily spread over these categories.

Check out Survive and Flipped on Movies on Chapters. Popular shows under Unscripted Docs are Shape of Pasta and Chrissy’s Court. You can also watch Last Night’s Late Night and 60 in 6 by CBS News on Daily Essentials.

Will There be Ads on Quibi Shows?

The answer is yes if you subscribe to their basic plan. Quibi offers different subscription plans starting at $4.99. If you choose the $4.99 plan, you will see ads on your show. But, the ads appear before each video even if you download them offline.

Quibi explained that the ads are also broken down to a few seconds in each show you watch and will continue on to your next shows. But, if you want an ad-free plan, choose the $7.99 plan.

However, Quibi is still offering free trials for 90 days as of this writing. Check out how to get it here.

How to Watch Quibi Shows Offline?

To enjoy watching Quibi shows offline, you must first download the app and sign up. Search for any show you want and download it locally to your device. If you don’t have an Internet connection, you can still watch your downloaded shows.

How do you like watching on Quibi? What are your favorite shows? Drop us a comment below.


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