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How to Play Downloaded Online Videos on Mac and Windows



Every desktop, laptop, and even smartphone has a built-in video player that can decently function for playing videos on your device. So why do you need another video player to play the newly downloaded video content?

The answer is quite simple: people tend to download third-party media players because the conventional media tools cannot play every format and resolution. Sometimes the media players are not compatible with the video format that you have saved on your device.

In this post, you will find out information about the best media players that can help you play all sorts of videos on your Mac and Windows operating systems. 

Before we tell you about the best media players, we would suggest you read about the best video downloader tool to save all sorts of videos from the web.

The Video Downloader by SmallSEOTools

The SmallSEOTools online video downloader is one of the most remarkable tools found on the internet. This video downloader can help you save all sorts of clips from the web. This free video downloader has integrated with more than a thousand different video surfing websites from which you can grab video content.

You must know that the working process of this video downloader is quite simple. All you need is to copy the URL of the video from its source and paste it onto the tool’s URL box. The downloader would take less than ten to twenty seconds to grab your desired files and save them in your local storage space.

The Best Media Players to Play Downloaded Video Content on Mac & PC

There are hundreds of video player apps and tools on the web. Below we have shortlisted only the top-notch ones. 

VLC Media Player

vlc media player windows 10
Image / VideoLAN

This is an open-source media player that you can install and use on all sorts of devices, including macOS computer and Windows 10 PC. You should know that this media player can play any media file you want to. It doesn’t matter that the clips stream on a DVD, webcam, or are in audio format. The VLC media player can run them all. This media player has a very neat and clean interface free of all sorts of ads. Some of the interesting features of this video player include:

  • Playing of any multimedia file available on the storage space. 
  • Customizable interface for a better user experience.
  • Compatible with all sorts of devices, including Windows, Mac, and even Android.
  • No adware 
  • Capable of getting screenshots from video clips.

This is a free player; you can try it out from the developer’s website, VideoLan.

GOM Player

Credit: GOM Lab

This is another top-notch multimedia player that you can use to play saved video content on all sorts of devices and operating systems. This player has gathered a lot of fame for catering 4K, UHD, and even 360-degree videos. The player works smoothly, and if you want to enjoy buffer-free streaming, this is the right service for you. There are tons of features of this multimedia player. Still, the most desired one is its ability to play the files that are damaged.

  • You can play videos in different formats on this player. 
  • You can easily detect and sync any subtitles on the downloaded video.
  • The tool allows you to watch 360-degree videos.
  • The paid version of the tool poses no ads and restrictions.


Credit: Kakao

This multimedia player has gathered fame in this league because this software tool can cater to the users who want to enjoy 3D content at their home. The tool is very efficient and is known to be the best player for watching movies in 3D quality. The Pot Player has endless features that a user can enjoy. Some of the highlights of this player are:

  • Ability to capture snapshot while playing a video.
  • Accelerated performance to reduce buffering.
  • Supports all sorts of devices and operating systems.
  • Detection and syncing of subtitles.
  • Video editing features!

Media Player Classic РHome Cinema 

Credit: Gabest

This is another media player software that can help you stream videos on Windows and Mac operating systems. The MPC-HC player is fairly simple, and anyone can use it without prior experience. This tool’s best feature is its customizable interface, which allows the users to make the player a fun place to watch videos. The highlights of this media player are:

  • Clean interface.
  • Ability to play all sorts of formats that you have downloaded from the web.
  • Customizing features.
  • No adware.

Although it works on all sorts of devices, you must know that it is best compatible with Windows Operating systems. The player is free, and so you can install it without any restrictions. 

Using either one of these media players can help you play all sorts of video clips that you have downloaded with the help of a reputable video downloader.



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