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Fix MP4 File Not Playing in Windows Media Player on PC



When it comes to Windows computers, one of the most common tools we use is the Windows Media Player. Listening to music or watching videos can be easily and automatically played on the media player. But, while Windows Media Player supports several media formats, some files cannot be played such as MP4.

If you try to open an MP4 video file on Windows Media Player in Windows 10 computer, it shows the error message, “Windows Media Player cannot play the file.”


Commonly an MP4 file can be played natively on Windows 10 through Windows Media Player. However, since MP4 is a multimedia file container, which means that it can contain different codecs for audio and video, just like an MKV file do. And that’s where trouble can come if the specific codec is not yet installed on your PC.

How to Fix Windows Media Player Can’t Play MP4 Video Files on Windows 10

There are several ways on how you can deal with the MP4 file not playing in Windows Media Player. Check out the solutions below to find out how to fix the error.

Solution #1 – Run the Troubleshooter on Your Windows Media Player

  1. Launch the Control Panel.
  2. Go to Troubleshooting.
  3. On the left side, click View all.
  4. Look for the Windows Media Player Settings. Click to open.
  5. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to troubleshoot.

Solution #2 – Convert the MP4 file

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Since the Windows Media Player cannot play the particular MP4 file, you can convert it to another video file format playable in the media player. Some of the default file formats include the Windows Media Audio (WMA), Advanced Systems Format (ASF), and the Windows Media Video (WMV).

Look for a reliable video converter for MP4 files on Windows 10. There are countless options for this tool, but only handful are really worth the try. So, do your research to get the best video converter that suits your current need.

Solution #3 – Use Other Media Players

If you don’t want to convert the file, you can use another media player to open the MP4 file. Other tools are compatible with the MP4 file, like the VLC Player. Download and install it on your computer for you to start watching your video.

Solution #4 – Install the Required Codec


Another way for you to watch MP4 files on your Windows Media Player is to install the necessary codec to open the file format. If you think that it is not the last time you will have to open the MP4 file on the media player, installing the codec is a good idea.

You can download the K-Lite Codec Pack and install it on your computer.

Which of the solutions above work for you? Let us know in the comments below.



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