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How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Error on Android Phone and Tablet



Seeing a Blue Screen of Death error on your computer is one of the things you don’t want to happen. But imagine seeing it on your Android phone or tablet. It may not be as common as with Windows 10 computers, but some Android devices also experience the BSOD error because of different reasons. You will see a blank blue tint color covering your device’s screen. Old Samsung and LG devices seem to be easily affected by this problem.

Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Death Error on Samsung & Other Android Devices

Fortunately, like any Android issue, there are several solutions that you can do when you encounter a BSOD error. You can try each method one at a time and check if it removes the Blue Screen of Death error. If not, proceed to the next solution.

Credit: Liza Summer/Pexels

Solution #1 – Restart your Android Device

The first obvious method is to reboot your mobile device. See if it helps you get rid of the Android BSOD error.

  • First, hold the Power button until you see the Power menu.
  • Select Restart. Some Android devices automatically restart after holding the Power button.
  • After rebooting your device, you can check if the BSOD error is still there.

Solution #2 – Remove your Android Device Battery

  • Open the back cover of your Android device.
  • Take out the battery.
  • Let it stay out for at least 5 minutes.
  • Reinsert the battery and cover your device.
  • Restart your Android device and check if the error persists.

Solution #3 – Do a Factory Reset

Credit: Windows Dispatch

Before you factory reset your Android device, note that the procedure will delete all your files and personalized settings on your mobile phone. It will revert to its default settings. To save your files and contacts, perform a backup first before you do the factory reset.

  • First, you may need to go to Recovery Mode on your Android device.
  • Look for the Power button and Volume down of your phone. Press both buttons and enter Recovery Mode.
  • On Recovery Mode, go to the Settings menu.
  • Select Backup and reset.
  • Scroll down to Personal Data.
  • Select Factory Data Reset.

If you find a solution and fixed the error, you may want to update your Android device to the latest software. Try to clean up your files and folders as well to prevent issues in the future. However, if none of the solutions above work, you can visit a mobile repair shop and have a technician check, it might be a hardware problem.


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