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How to Fix Google Play Store App Error Code DF-DFERH-01



Google Play Store is a must-have for a reason. This explains why it’s pre-installed on all Android phones these days. This is where you download and update your favorite apps.

But even the best apps also fail sometimes, and Google Play Store is no exception. One Google Play Store error code that users have been reporting is DF-DFERH-01.

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Troubleshoot Google Play Store App Error Code DF-DFERH-01

If the same problem on Google Play Store has been bothering you for some time now, here are a few things you can do:

Clear Google Play Store Data and Cache

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose Apps.
  3. Click Google Play Store.
  4. Select Storage.
  5. Tap Clear Cache.
  6. Tap Clear Data.

Doing this will reset the app to the default settings to help resolve any data or cache conflicts that cause the error.

Hard Reboot Your Android Device

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You have two options for rebooting your device. First, you can press the lock button or side power button and choose Power Off or Restart to reboot your phone.

The second option is to perform a hard reboot. Doing so will let the device clear its cache and reset most temporary things.

To do a hard reboot, press the power button and volume down key and hold them for several seconds. You don’t have to choose any option here because the phone will reboot on its own.

Remove Your Google Account and Add It Again 

Error code DF-DFERH-01 on Google Play Store can also be fixed by removing your Google account and adding it again.

  • To do this, go to Settings and choose Accounts. Choose Google, click your Account, and select Remove. However, these steps may vary depending on your device. 
  • After you’ve removed your Google account, restart your device.
  • Go to Settings again, choose Accounts, and then re-add your Google Account after clicking the Add button.

Reinstall Updates for Google Play Store 

The error may also appear because of the updates for Google Play Store, especially if there are compatibility issues or improper installation. If this is the case, you have to uninstall and re-install the updates.

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Looking for the menu for apps. The name may vary depending on your device.
  3. Click App Info and then Google Play Store.
  4. Choose Uninstall Updates and confirm the action.
  5. Launch Google Play Store to automatically update the app.
  6. If there’s no automatic update, slide your finger from left to right on the screen to slide the side menu. You can also click the hamburger menu button in the upper left corner.
  7. Click Settings.
  8. Search for Version.
  9. Update notifications will show here and start automatically.

Update Your Device Firmware or Operating System

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An updated operating system is always a must not just to prevent error code DF-DFERH-01 but also to enhance your device’s performance and security.

Google Play Store is an important app for any Android user. This is why seeing error code DF-DFERH-01 is probably the last thing you’d want as it can hamper your overall experience. Be sure to follow the steps above so can get rid of the issue as soon as possible.



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