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Fix QuickBooks Error H101, H505, H202 or H103 Issues Switching to Multi-User Mode



Users of the popular accounting and bookkeeping program QuickBooks can use Multi-User Mode to view the same QuickBooks file over a local network. Unfortunately, while attempting to switch to multi-user hosting setup when accessing a company file, users could run into issues like error code H101, H202, H103, or H507. 

Several aspects, like firewall configurations, network troubles, or antiquated software variants, could trigger these errors. We will explore various potential fixes for the QuickBooks software issues HH101, H202, H505 and H103 in this blog post.

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How to Troubleshoot Issues & Fix QuickBooks Error Code H101, H202, H505 or H103 when Switching to Multi-User Mode

The following error message accompanied by the error code appears to user screens when attempting to use the multi-user mode:

“Problem with multi-user hosting setup – This company file is on another computer, and QuickBooks needs some help connecting.”


Follow the methods below to help you troubleshoot the issue and eventually fix error code H101, H202, H505 or H103 whenever you’re getting one.

Run QuickBooks File Doctor

Using the QuickBooks File Doctor is one possible way to resolve the QuickBooks issues H101, H202, H103, or H505. A diagnostic tool called the QuickBooks File Doctor can assist in locating and fixing network problems that lead to QuickBooks difficulties. 

  1. To run QuickBooks File Doctor, first, download and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub, a collection of all the necessary tools needed to fix common QuickBooks errors. 
  2. Once installed, open the QuickBooks Tool Hub, select the Company File Issues tab on the left-hand side, and click the Run File QuickBooks Doctor button to start the utility. 
  3. Wait for it to finish and see if that resolves the problem.

Check QuickBooksDBXX Service

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It may indicate that the QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDSM) is not installed on the server if the QuickBooksDBXX Service is not visible. 

  1. Run Database Server Management and make sure the QuickBooksDBXX Service is displayed to see if QBDSM is installed. 
  2. Make that the QuickBooksDBXX Service is functioning and visible if you want to use QuickBooks in multi-user mode. 
  3. Moreover, make sure QuickBooks has hosting turned on so that users may view the company file in multi-user mode.

Modify Host File

Host file is a plain text file that converts hostnames to IP addresses. 

  1. Open the “Run window” by simultaneously hitting “Windows + R” to begin editing the host file. 
  2. The Command Prompt will then appear once you input “cmd” and “Enter.” 
  3. The command “ipconfig/all” must then be entered and the enter key pressed. This will reveal your server’s IP address. The IP address must then be copied and added to the host file.

Checking Your Hosting and Services

This fix entails quitting and starting QuickBooks’ multi-user hosting. 

  1. Launch QuickBooks and choose File > Utilities > Stop Hosting Multiple User Access from the menu. 
  2. This will make QuickBooks no longer host multiple user access. 
  3. To enable hosting, select File > Utilities > Host Multi-User Access. 
  4. Restart QuickBooks on each workstation once again. 

This will guarantee that all workstations can access the company file and that QuickBooks is hosting multi-user access.

Contact Customer Support

In the event that the above advices are not working, QuickBooks customer support is available for contact. They might be able to help you with any problems you’re having and tell you more about the causes of your QuickBooks errors H101, H202, H103, or H505. 

The QuickBooks support team is able to offer remote assistance to identify and fix QuickBooks issues. If the error still occurs, they can advise updating to the most recent QuickBooks version or using an alternative hosting service.



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