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How to Fix Broken AirDrop Support on Dropbox App for macOS Ventura



The Dropbox app for Mac devices is an effective way of sharing files with other users on the same platform, but sometimes AirDrop support may not work properly, especially the newly released updated version for macOS Ventura. 

This can be a frustrating experience and disrupt productivity. This article will guide how to fix broken AirDrop support after updating to the latest version of Dropbox app for macOS Ventura.

Why is AirDrop Support Not Working on the New Dropbox App for macOS Ventura?

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Multiple users of the cloud file platform Dropbox have reported a new bug affecting AirDrop support when used in conjunction with transferring those files on a MacBook or iMac device running the latest macOS Ventura operating system. The issue appears with a recent update to the Dropbox app for Mac, which enabled it to work with macOS Monterey 12.5 and later. 

Some reports suggest the issue may be related to the way this version changes the Downloads folder.

How to Troubleshoot & Fix Broken AirDrop Support on Dropbox for Mac Running on macOS Ventura?

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#1 Making Sure Airdrop Is Enabled in The Dropbox App

Users should navigate to their account preferences on Mac computer and look for a section labeled “Connected Services”; if Airdrop does appear here then it can be confirmed as being active on the device.

If AirDrop does not appear when exploring these options, then there are further steps which may need to be taken before its functionality can be restored. 

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One such option involves disabling third-party antivirus software on the user’s machine since some of these applications have been known to interfere with the correct operation of Apple’s AirDrop system. 

Similarly, ensuring that all necessary permissions have been granted from both Mac OS X and iOS devices will also help guarantee successful connection between them via Airdrop.

#2 Installing The Latest Version Of Dropbox App

The steps required vary depending on which device you are using but generally involve: 

  • Opening your App Store 
  • Clicking ‘Updates’ at the top left corner 
  • Finding Dropbox within the list of apps requiring updating 
  • Downloading and installing the update if necessary 

These steps should ensure that you have access to all the new features associated with having the latest version installed – including full compatibility with AirDrop services. 

Additionally, some versions may include bug fixes that could help resolve other related errors you might be experiencing while trying to use AirDrop.

#3 Checking Compatibility of Your Mac System

Before installing any software, make sure that your Mac meets or exceeds all minimum system requirements as outlined by Dropbox. These include operating systems (macOS 10.9 or higher), memory space and hard disk capacity.

#4 Enabling Network Sharing In System Preferences

Enabling network sharing in the System Preferences of your macOS device requires several steps:

  • Open System Preferences on your Mac computer and select Sharing from the list of options;
  • Make sure that AirDrop is enabled by ticking the box next to its name;
  • Click ‘OK’ at the bottom right corner of the window when finished making changes.

Doing this properly ensures secure file transfers between devices connected over a local area network (LAN). 

Overall, while this task may seem daunting at first glance, once familiarized with the instructions needed it becomes much simpler to understand and complete. Through following these steps properly and taking time throughout each step, users can easily fix broken AirDrop wireless file transfer feature on Dropbox app for macOS Ventura in no time!



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