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How to Fix Slack Notifications Not Showing or Working on Mac, iPhone or Android



Slack notifications serve as a lifeline, keeping us connected and informed. However, when these notifications hit a snag, it can disrupt our flow and cause unnecessary stress. Don’t get stressed out; instead, follow these instructions and get everything back into working order.

The Truth Behind Slack Notification Issues

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Notification issues can be a real head-scratcher. Often, the root of the problem lies not in the app itself but in overlooked settings or external factors that can interfere with Slack’s ability to alert you.

  • Notification issues can disrupt communication and workflow.
  • They can cause important updates or messages to be missed.
  • Persistent notification issues can lead to frustration and decreased productivity.
  • Understanding and resolving these issues can improve your Slack experience.

How to Troubleshoot & Fix Slack Notifications Missing, Not Showing or Not Working on Mac, iPhone or Android Phone

Restart your Computer or Mobile Device

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Restarting your device is like giving it a quick refresh, a chance to reset and clear out any minor bugs or glitches that might be causing issues. It’s a simple action, but it can often be surprisingly effective in resolving various technical problems, including notification issues.

When your device restarts, it closes all running applications and starts them anew, which can often resolve any temporary issues causing your Slack notifications to falter. It’s a quick and easy first step in your troubleshooting journey that can often get things back on track with minimal effort.

Check Slack’s Status

Before diving into complex troubleshooting, it’s worth checking if Slack is experiencing any service disruptions. This can save you time and unnecessary worry.

Use Slack’s Built-In Troubleshooter

Slack’s built-in troubleshooter is a handy tool that can help identify and resolve notification issues. It’s like having a mini tech-support team right in your app.

Enable Notifications in Device Settings

Your device settings are the gatekeepers of your notifications. Ensuring that Slack has the necessary permissions here is crucial for smooth notification delivery.

Disable Focus Assist or Do Not Disturb Mode

Focus Assist or Do Not Disturb modes are great for minimizing distractions but can also unintentionally silence your Slack notifications. Disabling these modes can help ensure you don’t miss important updates.

Resume Paused Notifications

Pausing notifications can be a handy feature when you need some uninterrupted time, but forgetting to resume them can leave you in an unintended silence. If your Slack seems quieter than usual, it’s worth checking if you’ve accidentally left your notifications on pause.

Resuming them is a quick and easy step to restore your connection to your team’s activity instantly. It’s like flipping a switch to rejoin the conversation, ensuring you’re not missing out on any important updates or discussions.

Enable Mobile Notifications

Mobile notifications keep you connected on the go. Ensuring these are enabled in Slack can help you stay in the loop, no matter where you are.

Turn on Notification Sound

A silent notification is an easy one to miss. Turning on your notification sound can help ensure every alert gets your attention.

Unmute Channels or Direct Messages

Accidentally muted channels or DMs can lead to missed notifications. A quick check can help you ensure you’re hearing from all the right places.

Disable Battery Saving Mode on your Laptop or Phone

Battery saving mode is great for your device’s power life but not so great for your notifications. Disabling this mode can help keep your Slack alerts coming through loud and clear.

Clear Slack App Cache Data

Over time, cache data can accumulate and cause unexpected issues. Clearing Slack’s cache data can be like a spring cleaning for your app, potentially resolving notification issues.

Enable Slack Thread Notifications

Thread notifications are like personalized news updates for your conversations. They keep you in the loop on specific threads that you’re a part of or interested in, ensuring you don’t miss any important updates or responses.

By enabling these notifications, you can stay actively engaged in relevant discussions, contributing to the conversation and collaboration within your team. It’s a way to ensure that even in the busiest Slack environments, the threads that matter to you don’t get lost in the noise.

Check Internet Connection for Issues

A shaky internet connection can disrupt your notifications. Checking your connection can help ensure Slack keeps you updated without interruption.

Update or Reinstall the Slack App

Sometimes, the best way to resolve issues is to start fresh. Updating or reinstalling Slack can give the app a clean slate and potentially resolve persistent notification issues.

Reach Out to Slack Support

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts. Slack Support is there to help when you’re facing stubborn issues.

Managing Slack Notifications on Multiple Devices

Managing Slack App Notifications on Multiple Devices
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We’re all too familiar with the dance of bouncing between devices throughout the day. One minute you’re on your work laptop; the next, you’re checking updates on your phone. This constant switching can make handling Slack notifications feel like a circus act.

You need to be in the loop but don’t want to drown in a sea of repeated alerts. This is where tools like AirDroid Parental Control app become lifesavers. They help you tailor your Slack notifications for each device, ensuring you stay informed without the stress of notification overload. It’s all about creating a balance that works for your unique rhythm.

So, are things now working, and you’re receiving your Slack notifications? Hopefully, the answer is yes, and everything is back to normal. Slack, it’s one of those things we can’t live without, and you only know how valuable it is when something doesn’t work right.



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