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How to Use & Add Snapchat Filters in Microsoft Teams Meetings with Snap Camera



Video conferencing has been one of the most popular activities online. With most organizations doing remote work, it is ideal to hold meetings and conferences online. Microsoft Teams makes it possible for you and your co-workers to meet any time of the day in real-time. But, if meetings become monotonous and boring, you can spice it up with camera filters.

Snapchat has a camera app called Snap Camera. You can use its desktop version on Windows 10 and macOS. With Snap Camera, you can add filters and effects on yourself when you are online. Snap Camera is compatible with Microsoft Teams, so imagine what endless fun you have during meetings with filters on your screen.

Using the Snap Camera filters on your Microsoft Teams meetings only takes a few steps. You can transform into a cute animal or add quirky effects on yourself.

Adding & Using Snap Camera AR Filters on Microsoft Teams Video Meetings

Before you can start using Snap Camera during your Microsoft Teams meetings, you will need to download the application first and install it on your PC or Mac computer.

How to Download & Install Snapchat’s Snap Camera App on Mac or PC

Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

How to Add Snapchat Filters on Microsoft Teams Video Calls

Now, you can start adding Snapchat filters during your Microsoft Teams video calls.

  • First, launch the Snap Camera.
  • Look for the filter that you want and apply it.
  • Open the Microsoft Teams app and go to your meeting.
  • To add a filter from Snap Camera, click your profile.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Show Device Settings.
  • Go to the Camera section.
  • Click the down-arrow button.
  • Select Snap Camera.
  • It will add your selected filter.
Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

How to Disable Snap Camera Filters During Microsoft Teams Meeting

Transforming yourself will make others laugh for a few minutes. If you don’t want the filters to stay as long as your meeting, you can turn it off right in the middle of a video call. Here’s how to do it.

  • First, exit the Snap Camera app.
  • On your Microsoft Teams app, go to the Settings menu.
  • Click Show Device Settings.
  • Under Camera, change Snap Camera to your web camera or other camera input.

What is the first Snap Camera Filter you will use at your next Microsoft Teams meeting? We would love to know! Please tell us in the comments below.


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