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Fix Monarch Not Updating, Refreshing or Syncing Accounts Automatically Issue



Have you noticed Monarch has stopped syncing one or more of your financial accounts?

You try refreshing, updating credentials, and begging for it to start working again. But your accounts sit there…frozen in time…not pulling in recent transactions.

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It leaves you wondering:

  • Why did Monarch suddenly stop syncing my accounts?
  • Is there a quick fix to get it working again?
  • Or am I doomed with this annoying issue forever?

In fact, you’re not alone.

Lots of Monarch users occasionally battle connection problems like this. The good news is – most syncing issues can be fixed with a few simple troubleshooting steps.

This post will explore all the ways to get your accounts syncing again. Soon Monarch will be happily pulling transactions like usual.

Why Did My Monarch Accounts Suddenly Stop Syncing?

Before fixing the problem, it helps to know why it’s happening.

Here are the most common reasons your accounts may stop syncing:

  • Outdated login credentials – The username or password you have stored is wrong. This blocks Monarch from connecting.
  • Account login settings changed – Your bank may have updated its login process. Eg: switching from username to email login.
  • Connection timeout – Monarch can’t reach your bank’s servers. Usually temporary.
  • App or OS update issue – Something changed that broke the sync process.
  • Bank API or security change – The bank altered its data sharing policies and technical integrations.
  • Expired refresh token – The initial link to bank needs to be re-authenticated occasionally for security.

Most causes boil down to credential or connectivity issues. The sync worked previously, so it’s usually an external change triggering the problem.

Troubleshooting Tips for Monarch Money Not Updating, Refreshing or Syncing Accounts Automatically Issue

Now let’s go through each troubleshooting step to get your account synced up again!

Update Your Monarch Login Credentials

Outdated or incorrect credentials are the #1 cause of sync failures.

Your bank username or password changed. But Monarch still has old credentials stored for that connection.

To update credentials:

  • Open Monarch and go to the account status page
  • Tap the vertical “…” icon next to the account name
  • Choose “Update login credentials”
  • Carefully re-enter your username and password
  • Save the changes

Double check you’re using the proper login details. Don’t rely on auto-fill to populate the fields – type them manually.

With fresh credentials, Monarch can re-authenticate and pull updated transactions.

Manually Force a Sync by Refreshing your Monarch Account

If the credentials look right, try force refreshing the account. This makes Monarch re-check the connection and import latest transactions.

  • Go to the Accounts tab
  • Locate the account you want to refresh
  • Tap the blue circular sync arrows next to the account name
  • The account status circle will spin while syncing
  • Confirm it pulled in new transactions

Sometimes manually refreshing kickstarts a stalled account. The newly entered credentials are used when you refresh.

Check Monarch For Known Sync Issues

Did refreshing fail to work? Time for more troubleshooting.

Search if others report sync problems for your specific financial institution. Common places to check:

  • Monarch user forums
  • Monarch Reddit community
  • Online reviews for the bank

You’ll often find posts describing the exact same issue you’re facing. Or that there’s a known problem being worked on.

Knowing it’s a widespread syncing error means the problem is on Monarch or bank’s side. Have patience as they address it.

Relink your Monarch Account

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If you only have one account syncing issue, try unlinking and re-linking that account.

Go to Account Settings -> Manage Accounts.

  • Tap the “X” icon next to the account name to delete it
  • Confirm and unlink the account
  • Re-link the account by adding it again
  • Enter the credentials and complete the connection steps

Relinking forces re-authentication with updated credentials from scratch.

Update Your Android OS

Account syncing issues may stem from your device’s operating system rather than Monarch.

Ensure your Android OS is completely up to date:

  • Open device Settings
  • Go to System -> Advanced -> System update
  • Check for any available updates and install them
  • Restart your phone after updating

The latest OS updates could resolve quirks affecting sync connectivity and data access.

Contact Monarch Customer Support

If you still can’t get an account syncing after the steps above, it’s time to bring in reinforcements!

Reach out to Monarch’s customer support team for personalized troubleshooting:

  • In Monarch app, go to Settings -> Get support
  • Explain the account and sync issue in detail
  • Provide your OS, Monarch version, bank details, etc.

Their technical team can investigate further and escalate urgent sync problems.

Support can also reset your connection by approving new API keys if needed. Don’t hesitate to lean on their expertise.

Prevent Future Sync Headaches on Monarch Money

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After finally resolving your sync issues, a few proactive steps will help avoid more headaches down the road:

  • Periodically update your login credentials for each account. Don’t let them go stale.
  • Bookmark Monarch user forums to watch for others reporting widespread sync problems.
  • Enable login alerts at your bank to catch credential changes quickly.
  • Routinely refresh accounts manually just to double check they are still connecting fine.

Hope this helps you get Monarch back on track. Happy syncing!



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