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How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 1026 on Samsung Smart TV



Streaming Disney Plus is more fun when you watch it on a bigger screen. You can easily stream Disney Plus on your Samsung smart TV but for some users, an error blocked their access. Many users have reported the error code 1026 when they start to launch their Disney Plus app. They encounter this error message,

“We’re having a problem. Exiting the App. Error Code: 1016 – App_Config_Failure.”

If you happen to have the same problem don’t worry. There are several ways on how to fix them. Check out the methods below:

Method #1 – Cold Boot Your Samsung Smart TV

This step requires you more than just restarting your TV. When you cold boot, you will need to properly shut down your TV. You can perform cold booting through your remote control or your TV plug.

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Via your Remote Control

If you choose to cold boot using your remote, first hold the power button on your remote and your TV will turn off. Continue to hold until it turns back on.

Credit: Samsung

Via your TV plug

First, turn off your Samsung smart TV. Unplug it from the outlet and wait for at least 30 seconds. Plug it back in and turn on your TV.

Cold booting allows your app to reboot and resolve problems in the app.

Method #2 – Power Cycle Your Devices

Credit: Escapejaja/Freepik

Aside from cold booting your Samsung TV, you can also power cycle your modem and router. This solution will help refresh your Internet connection.

  • Turn off all your devices including your modem and router.
  • Unplug all devices and wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Plug your modem in and wait for it to fully connect. Do the same with your router.
  • Now, plug your TV back in and turn it on.

Method #3 – Install Updates on Your Samsung Smart TV


You may have missed out on important updates for your Samsung smart TV.

  • Go to Settings and click Support.
  • Go to Software Update and click Update Now.

Method #4 – Reinstall the Disney Plus App

Disney / Windows Dispatch

If the above methods do not work, you may want to reinstall your Disney+ app.

  • On your TV, go to Apps and click Settings.
  • Look for the Disney Plus app and click Delete.
  • From your home screen, click the search icon and type Disney+.
  • Click the app and select Install.

Which of the methods above helped you fix your Disney Plus error? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Same here. Came here because when I first set-up Disney+ on my Samsung TV, it worked fine. I even watched a few content. Then just today, I received this error.

  2. It is giving me error 1026 saying I need to reboot my Samsung tv and I don’t have a Samsung tv I’m trying to watch on my I pad or sky Q .

  3. No se solucionó mi problema con ningún método recomendado aquí, lo malo es que Disney no se ve ni en las pantallas, ni móviles ni laptop.alguien lo ha solucionado? Que diga como.

  4. Buenas noches ya realize todos los pasos y ninguno me ha servido muchas gracias… que puedo hacer para q mi tv funcione con esa aplicación

  5. TV is 2 days old. None of these helped either. Called Samsung support, and they walked me through all these again. Even had me reset the tv. Disney+ app is actually built into the tv so i can’t even delete it, but only reinstall. Still nothing worked. Eventually the customer service rep (from India) said tht it wasn’t Samsung’s fault, but that I should cal Disney+ because it’s their problem with their app! Seriously? WTF?

  6. Hello,

    I don’t know where you come from but one thing for sure. On my side, it was the DNS of my internet provider which causes that i had those errors :/ . I changed my DNS and magically it works !.

  7. Realice todos los pasos habidos y pir haber aqui en Bogota colombia y esa aplicacion no funciona en ningun dispositivo todo lo demss funciona bien menos disney +tan poco en el mercado y ya se esta conviertiendo en un problema que desepcion y madie da un soporte tecnico de solucion efectiva no se que mas hacer no seguir consumiendo contenido y recomendarla para que no la usen ya que nadie ayuda en nada.

  8. 2019 Samsung tv getting bamgrid.com error.
    Cleared tv cache and data. Now getting 1026 auth error.
    Logged into Disney plus.com in web browser.
    Navigated to my account.
    Log out of all devices.
    Cleared tv cache and data.
    Get 6 digit auth code to link tv to account.
    Believe Disney account may have old auth details for tv which would explain auth error.


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