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How to Update Software on Samsung Smart TV



Buying a Samsung Smart TV gives you access to online TV channels and streaming services. But, to keep your smart TV working properly, you need to update the software on regular basis.

Keeping your smart TV software up-to-date will let you enjoy new features that Samsung is launching for their smart TV. It also offers a solution to errors that you may encounter. Samsung takes note of errors reported by their users and usually add the fixes on their next firmware updates.

There are different ways on how you can update your Samsung smart TV software. You can set an automatic update on the firmware or you can manually do it using the web or through a USB Drive.

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How to Set Automatic Software Update on your Samsung Smart TV


Here is how to set and perform automatic firmware or device software updates on your Samsung smart TVs.

  • Using your remote control, press the Menu button, and navigate to the Settings.
  • Click Support.
  • Select Software Update.
  • Go to Auto Update and select ON.
  • Now, each time there is a new update for your Smart TV, it will automatically install the update as long as your TV is connected to the Internet.

How to Manually Update Software on Samsung Smart TV via the Menu


If you choose to manually update your software, you will need to connect your TV to the Internet.

The steps to manually update your smart TV software is similar to setting the automatic update. But, instead of click Auto Update, select Update Now. It will then update the latest software version if it is available. If your Smart TV is on and is connected to the Internet, it will immediately download and install the update.

How to Manually Update Software on Samsung Smart TV using a USB


To execute a manual update of firmware using a USB, you will need to have a USB drive with large storage space, or just enough to store the software. You will also need to copy your smart TV model number.

  • To get your TV model number, go to your TV Settings.
  • Click Support option and select Contact Samsung.
  • Copy the 14-digit combination of letters and numbers.
  • Now, go to samsung.com/us/support/ in any browser.
  • Look for the Search Support Box and type your TV model number.
  • Go to the Information Page and select Downloads. You can also go to Manuals and Downloads.
  • Look for the firmware updates and click Downloads.
  • After downloading the file, unzip it and save the file in your USB.
  • Now, plug the USB device to your TV.
  • Using your remote control, navigate to Settings and go to Support.
  • Click Software Update and select Update Now.
  • Click the USB option and a scan will begin.
  • Once your Smart TV detects an update, you can now install it.

Take note that when you are updating your firmware, do not pull the USB out or turn your TV off. Was the article helpful? Tell us in the comments below.

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