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How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39



Watching your favorite shows on Disney Plus is exciting. But then an error suddenly appears, blocking your way from your much-awaited shows. This can happen even to a huge streaming provider such as Disney+. Still, there are solutions that you can do to fix these errors.

Disney Plus error code 39 is a common issue for users using the Xbox One app. The error code 39 says, “This means that the video you are trying to watch cannot be watched at this time. This could be a rights availability or other issue with Disney+.”

If you are facing the error code 39 on your Disney Plus, check out the solutions below how to fix it.

How to Fix the Disney Plus App Error Code 39

Solution #1 – Check Other Devices

Simultaneous streaming is common especially if you have several accounts. While you are streaming on your Xbox One, a family member may be watching via mobile or computer.

However, it creates an issue with your Xbox One app when different devices are streaming simultaneously. Make sure only one device is using Disney Plus at one time. Log out from other devices before streaming on your Xbox One app.

Solution #2 – Restart your Console

Restart your Xbox One console to quickly refresh the connection and fix the error.

Solution #3 – Check Your Internet Connection

Do a speed test to see if you have at least 5 Mbps to stream Disney Plus. If not, improve your Internet connection. You may also contact your provider if there is a problem with your connection.

Solution #4 – Change your HDMI port

Change your HDMI port on your TV. Move it to another port and try launching Disney+ again to see if the error still exists.

Solution #5 – Reinstall the App

If none of the solutions above can help you, uninstall the app first on your Xbox One. Then, reinstall the app. Check if the error still exists.

Did the solutions above help you? Let us know which method works for you in the comments below.



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