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How to Fix Error Code 0xc00d36c4 in Playing Skype Recording Videos



Recording your Skype videos will give you a chance to playback meetings and calls. You can revisit your conversation and jot down the details that you need. However, some Windows 10 users complain that they receive the error 0xc00d36c4 while playing their Skype recording videos.

They see the message, “Can’t play. Try playing something else. This item’s file format may be unsupported, the file extension may be incorrect, or the file may be corrupted. 0xc00d36c4.” In some cases, you will also receive the text, “This file isn’t playable. That might be because the file type is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect, or the file is corrupt. 0xc00d36c4.”


How to Fix Video Error 0xc00d36c4 Can’t Play Skype Recordings on Windows 10

Seeing an error on your Windows 10 computer while playing your Skype recorded videos can happen to anyone for several reasons. Still, there are ways to fix the error, so you can continue watching your Skype calls. Follow each method below and try to see if the error persists.

Method #1 – Try Playing the Video on Another Media Player

It may be an issue with your media player. Sometimes, your media player does not support the video format. If that is the case, you can play using a different app. Some examples are VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, KMPlayer, QuickTime, and more.


Method #2 – Convert Your Video File Format

  • Launch your VLC Media Player.
  • Open your Skype video.
  • On the menu bar, select the Menu option.
  • Click Convert/Save.
  • In the File tab, add the video file by clicking the Add button.
  • Click the Convert/Save button.
  • Now, select the file format that you want to convert.
  • Choose the Destination file by clicking Browse.
  • Edit the Profile Settings.
  • Once done, click the Start button to convert your video.

Method #3 – Download Your Recorded Video from Skype Web

If you have downloaded the recordings from the Skype app, you might want to try downloading again through the website version. Launch any browser and go to https://web.skype.com/. From there, download the recording you want to play and try again.

Method #4 – Update the Driver Software

  • Launch the Device Manager.
  • Look for the driver you are using.
  • Right-click on it.
  • Select Update Driver Software.
  • Click Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.
  • Download available updates.

Method #5 – Download Missing Codec

Windows Media Player

  • Click Tools.
  • Select Options.
  • Choose Player.
  • Click the Download codecs automatically box.
  • Once downloaded, play the video.

VLC Media Player

Disable hardcoded subtitles in VLC
  • Click Help.
  • Select Check for Updates.
  • Click Yes to download codec.
  • Try playing the video again.

Which of the methods above help you fix the error? You can share with us in the comment section down below.



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