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Create, Convert, Sign PDF using PDF.New on Google Chrome



There is a lot of something new in store for all users of Google Chrome. With the launching of “.new” PDF shortcuts, users will enjoy the added convenience when they create, convert, compress, or sign PDF files. Adobe launches PDF.New, which offers added features for your PDF document management using its free online tools.

The .new domain extension enables users to easily access actions on different websites including Spotify, Medium, GitHub, eBay, Discord, bitly, Asana, Press, Shopify, CV2You, Dashline, and Glitch. You can also access different Google apps like Google Docs and Sheets.

It was launched by Google Registry to serve as a shortcut, so users will have fewer clicks when navigating to different actions. Rather than using long URLs and menus, the .new extension is a shortcut, so you can save more time and do more. Recently, Adobe joined the initiative.

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How to Create, Convert, Compress and Sign PDF Documents using PDF.New on Google Chrome

These are the set of “.new” domain shortcuts from Adobe that you can use on Google Chrome to accomplish different tasks with your PDF documents.


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With the new PDF.new, users can easily convert their files to PDF. Type pdf.new on your address bar and you will directly access the convert to PDF page. Now, all you have to do is to upload a file to convert-to-PDF. You can select files from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.


Compressing your files is a breeze thanks to CompressPDF.new. It will direct you to the page where you can instantly upload a file to compress.


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The same works for JPGtoPDF.new. Adobe allows users to convert their images to pdf files. Accepted formats are jpg, png, amp, pptx, xls, doc, docx, xlsx, ppt, pptx, and tiff.


Another feature is the Sign.new, which helps you save a lot of time when you have to sign a document. No longer will you need to print and sign, then upload a document. Using sign.new, you can create your signature and add it to a PDF file.


If you like creating content, check out the Create.new. It will direct you to Adobe Spark Post so you can create compelling and effective posts, especially for your social media followers.

Credit: Windows Dispatch

Wrapping It Up

This is an initiative by Google but since it is domain-based, you can also access these services on any browser you want to use, not just Chrome. Learn more about the “.new” campaign on https://whats.new/.

What do you think of the .new domain extension launched by Adobe? Are you excited to try these features? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.



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