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How to Use Meet Now to Create Instant Meetings on Skype



Microsoft introduces its online collaboration tool called Meet Now on Skype. You and your friends can create a space where you can have a group video call or an instant meeting. If you are an avid user of Skype, Meet Now is helpful when you need to host group video calls, presentations, classes, or an online get-together.

This space is currently being dominated by videoconferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft’s own Microsoft Teams.

Using Skype Meet Now to Host Instant Meetings

Credit: Windows Dispatch

It is easier to use Meet Now when you want to host or join meetings. Skype does not require anyone with an account to join any Meet Now meeting just like you do with Zoom. Participants can be part of the video call with or without a Skype account.

Skype makes it possible for you even if you have limited devices. For instance, if you don’t have a microphone, you can still join the meeting by listening in. However, this feature is available for Skype for Web only. If you don’t have a camera, you can still join the meeting and use the chat feature to connect with the other participants.

If participants don’t have the Skype app on their device, the invitation link will open either on Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. If they don’t have a Skype account, they can join as guest.

How to Create an Instant Meeting with Meet Now on Skype

Credit: Microsoft

First, you will need to have a Skype account. Participants do not need to have an account. But, if you are hosting your instant meeting, you will need to sign in to your account.

  1. To start a meeting, look for the Meet now icon either in a new conversation or an existing thread.
  2. Type the name for your instant meeting.
  3. Click Meet now.
  4. Choose the name of your participants. You may also type their phone numbers if you want to invite people not in your Teams.
  5. An invitation link will be sent to your invited participants.
  6. To start the meeting, click the Start call button.
Credit: Microsoft

With Skype Meet Now, you can also share your screen with your participants or record your meeting. An email will be sent to you containing the recorded video.

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