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How to Fix FIFA 23 Web App Not Working Issue on Windows 10/11 PC



While FIFA is typically associated with the actual sport of soccer (football for people in other parts of the world), there’s no understating the sheer popularity of the association’s FIFA video game series. With every entry in the series comes new advancements, and one of the most widely liked so far has been FIFA 23’s web app, also called FUT Web App, which allows users to manage their teams without opening the game itself on Windows 10/11 PC.

It’s a huge boon for players who want to make micro changes to their team composition but don’t have the time to dedicate towards sitting down and playing. On the other hand, however, the web app can be somewhat buggy at times, with some users reporting some errors and that it straight up stops working at times. Players can’t open and use the game on their computer web browsers. So, what can you do when faced with a FIFA 23 web app that’s not working issue?

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix FIFA 23 Web App or FUT Web Not Working on Windows 10/11 PC

Down below, we’ve listed some simple troubleshooting solutions to the problem that will help you get the FIFA 23 web app or FUT Web App up and running once again. They’re all relatively simple fixes and won’t take all too long to complete. Once you’ve finished these solutions, you should be back to accessing the web app version of the game as usual.

Solution 1: Check EA FIFA 23 Server Status

  • Go over to https://help.ea.com/in/fifa/fifa-23/.
  • Check to see if FIFA 23 web app servers are up on PC.
  • If they’re down, then simply wait for the servers to come back up.
  • Once servers are up, boot up the FIFA 23 web app once again and see if the issue persists.

Solution 2: Update your Computer Web Browser

  • Your installed browser can also lead to the FIFA 23 web app not working as intended.
  • Check your browser for any available updates.
  • Update your browser to the latest version.
  • Try the FIFA 23 web app again.

Solution 3: Clear Browsing Data, Site Data, and Cookies

  • Open your browser’s menu.
  • Look for the Privacy and Security.
  • Click on “Clear browsing data.”
  • Clear out your browsing history, cookies and site data, cached images, and files.
  • Click on “Cookies and other site data.”
  • Clear everything.
  • Restart your browser.
  • Check and see if the FIFA 23 web app is working.

With that, we’ve reached the end of our list! FIFA 23 is an incredibly fun game, and there’s a reason it’s garnered such a huge fanbase. We hope this guide managed to help you fix your FIFA 23 web app, and stay tuned for more fixes and tips just like this.

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