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How to Watch Movies and TV Shows on Plex Free Streaming Service



Great news comes to Plex users. Now, you can enjoy free streaming of thousands of movies and shows right in your Plex app. A new and free video streaming service has recently been launched by Plex to offer its users access to movies, concerts, shows and documentaries coming from the big studios and indie producers. The free video streaming service is available worldwide, to more than 200 countries. This announcement comes on the heels of the Disney Plus launch last month.

Plex users will enjoy additional enhancements to its video streaming services. The service features a watchlist to add movies for future viewing and better discoverability of movies and TV shows. There is also an improved subtitle support and an addition of on-demand titles in the library.

While users stream the videos for free, there is a trade-off that does not include a price. Plex will show ads in the movie streaming both as traditional breaks and pre-roll. Still, Plex assures its users that loading of the ads will be more or less half of the loading time of the traditional television ad. The ads presents fair trade-off considering the free service offered, monthly paid subscriptions from other services can cost at a high price.

What is Plex?


With the growing content of your digital media library, it is true to say that organizing it becomes a challenge. In comes Plex, a digital media player that offers you easy access to your videos, music, and pictures stored in your computer. Now, it is easy to watch your digital media from your computer to another computer or any device.

Users can move their digital media files to their Plex app and be able to view it in another computer of in their TV without transferring to a hard drive. You can install Plex in any compatible device including Android phones and iPhones. Apart from the convenient access, Plex will organize your library into groups and label videos.

How to Stream Free Movies and TV Shows on Plex?


All you need is a free Plex account and you will have access to its free streaming content. You do not need a subscription if you already have a Plex app. Just launch your Plex app from your streaming device and you can start browsing for movies and shows available.

Videos are streamed up to 1080p quality. Plex will also recommend movies and shows based on your existing media library. You can pick up the movie where you left off even if you have to switch to another device, much like Netflix and other streaming services.

The free video streaming collection will appear in your sidebar category together with your other media. Plex also features a Free to Watch section that enables you to move or hide it if you do not like the streaming option. It appears on the sidebar and will be under a Movies & TV.

Contents of the streaming section will appear with image thumbnails and hubs for faster discoverability of videos. These hubs are curated and personalized to the user based on their watch history and media library. According to Plex, there are around 70 hubs in total.

Users can also obtain information of their movies. Just click on the title and you will see specific movie details such as length, rating, genre, year, and description. You will also see Rotten Tomatoes’ audience ratings and critic scores.


The new Plex free video streaming service is an excellent addition to user’s movie experience. Now you can access free streaming content within your media library without jumping from one app to another. It is easy, fast, and a whole media service package that is hard to miss. What do you think of the new Plex streaming service? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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