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How to Fix Google Authen­ti­ca­tor Codes Not Work­ing



Securing your account is crucial and thanks to two-factor authentication, scammers will find it hard to reveal and guess your passwords. Google Authenticator adds another layer of protection for users so it will be difficult for hackers to gain access to your accounts.

However, some users reported that they are having problems with the codes generated by the two-factor authentication app from Google. Google Authenticator codes are not working, making users worry about the protection of their accounts. If you find yourself in the same situation, there are ways on how you can fix the problem. Check out the steps below to see how.

How to Solve Google Authenticator Codes Stopped Working Issues

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Solution #1 – Sync Your Date and Time

Time syncing incorrectly is one of the reasons why your Google Authenticator codes might have stopped working. If the time is not synced correctly, you will experience the error.

Solution #2 – Set Your Mobile’s Time and Date Correctly

For iOS:

  • Open the Settings.
  • Click General.
  • Go to Date & Time.
  • Toggle Set Automatically to Enable or On.

For Android:

  • Click Settings.
  • Look for the System and tap to open.
  • Click Date & Time.
  • Look for Automatic date & time and toggle to Enable or On.
  • Look for Automatic time zone and toggle to Enable or On.
  • Restart your Android device.

Solution #3 – Generate Backup Codes

Backup Codes are helpful when your Google Authenticator app is not working or when you lose your device with the app. These are numbers that you can use to log in. Make sure to have a copy of these backup codes and keep them somewhere unpredictable and safe.

  • To generate backup codes on your desktop, open your Google Account 2-Step verification page. Sign in your Google account.
  • Look for Add more second steps to verify it’s you and click to open.
  • Look for Backup codes.
  • Click Setup to set up the backup codes. If you have done it before, click Show codes.
  • Copy the codes and keep them safe. You may also print them on paper and click Print.
  • You can use one of these backup codes at a time. If you need to generate new codes, click Get new codes.

How to Use the Backup Codes

  • When you are asked for the verification code, click More options.
  • Type in one of the 8-digit code.

Fixing the issue with the codes generated by Google Authenticator will help maintain the security of your accounts. Try the steps above and let us know in the comments below how it goes.



  1. you have screen shots, makes me think wondering why my google authenticator app updated to the latest version does not have the menu items you refer to.

  2. I’m using an android and my Google authenticator code not working on my app. It says invalid. I don’t have back up codes.
    Is there anyway of fixing this problem.


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